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What is a Video Game? – Definition, Generalities, Development, and More

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Video games are electronic games that are playing on a computer or a video game console. The game is creating in the form of a computer program recording on a storage medium such as hard drives, CDs, or special cartridges. Video games became popular from the 70s and gave rise to an important branch within the computer graphics and computer graphics industry.

A video game is a software creating for entertainment in general and based on the interaction between one or more people and an electronic device that runs it; This electronic devices are computer, an arcade machine, a game console, a mobile phone, and platforms.

usually, the term “video” in the word “video game” refers to displaying pasteurizing graphics. For this reason, we understand by video games all those interactive digital games, regardless of their support.

What are the Generalities of Video Games?

Video games recreate virtual environments and situations where the gamer can control one or more characters (or any other element of the said environment), to achieve one or more objectives using specific rules.

It interacts with the video game’s display via a device video output. It could be a TV, a monitor, or projector, and in which the program is recording in cartridges, optical disks, magnetic disks, memory cards special for video games, or online. Some are pocket-size. The enormous popularity of these video games in the late 1970s has spawned an important industry.

There are several ways to interact with a video game, although an external device is always necessary. Still, this is not entirely correct, since there are portable consoles, which allow you to play through their touch screen or through the force with which we blow “on” it. Video game, case of the Nintendo DS, using pressure sensors. Or the movement of the device itself that recreates the action in-game itself.

What is the Development of Video Games?

Video game developers create video games. During the 80’s they were mainly small teams or individual people. Nowadays, the development of a video game usually consists of many professionals: developers and graphic designers, the art direction, programmers, musicians, and other technicians. All of these are running by producers.

A video game can be creating quickly. The problem is, however, the cost of publication. Developers must create a game at a specific time so that large production companies can develop the corresponding advertising campaign. Most video game development teams can range from twenty to fifty to as high as 100 in some cases.

What are the Most successful Video Games?

Among the most successful video games of all time, mobile video gaming is like temple run cannot be left out.

It is won the prize for the most playing with more than 1,000,000,000 mobile gamers, both Android or ios and windows phone.

Or subway surfers or run who are, These are among the most popular for Android or my talking tom or angela or hank from outfit7 that are also very popular in the world

In Cuba and in the world or others such as clash royale and clash of clan s that in 2016 and 2017 were already breaking records or in 2013.

With geometry, dash became the most purchased pay game in the app store and one of the most popular for both steam and Android.

Or in 2018 and 2019, video games like Fortnite that are free quickly became the most played video game of these times. Also among the list of the most played video games in history, one cannot fail to mention Tetris with more than 140,000,000 purchases and players or GTA with more than 100,000,000, but without a doubt, the one that takes the first place nothing more and nothing less the video game that Microsoft bought for nothing more and nothing less than 2,500,000,000 dollars with almost 200,000,000 and approximately 1,000,000,000 pirate players is taking by Minecraft. Modern games have different hardware requirements, and if you buy a gaming PC for Minecraft, there is no guarantee that it will support the recent releases, so make sure to select a computer that suits your needs best.

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