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What is Traditional Jewelry? – Definition, Profession, and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is Traditional Jewelry? – Definition, Profession, and More


In this object, we will take a tour of traditional jewelry, its history, some of the techniques used, and its time or Introduction with keywords.

Through, all history and in all civilizations, there has been, to a greater or lesser extent, the cult for adorning our body, not always, or rather, not only with an aesthetic function.

The symbolic function has a lot of weight, especially in certain civilizations where the decorative elements will mark the range of power or social status.

Also, the religious or spiritual function linked to superstition, jewelry, or dressings as a talisman.

On the other hand, we have the aesthetic function, already mentioned.

Perhaps the one prevails at present, giving the wearer a sign of distinction or elegance.

Crowns, tiaras, bracelets, earrings, bracelets, pectorals, necklaces.

And all kinds of jewelry that we know through the remains preserved.

And found, especially in burials or paintings that collected this type of object, allowed us to study the variety of pieces used in every civilization and ancient jewelry.

What is the Profession of Traditional Jewelry?

We know little about the profession of “jeweler” in ancient times.

Since what remains are the pieces, they were closer to mere artisans on request than artists.

Later the jewelers, or rather the goldsmiths or master silversmiths.

It will concentrate on guilds, transferring the techniques and knowledge from masters to apprentices and doing most of them under the court’s orders and the like.

The techniques used are complex and require skill and skill.

The profession of the jeweler is interesting not only because of the dedication.

The inspiration comes from the master jeweler who designs his own jewelery based on trends, personal tastes.

Or commissions because of the creativity it requires for the design of pieces.

Large design teams and workshops are working for large firms, and master jewelers usually use for orders from other firms or businesses.

At Dolmen jewelry, all the jewels are making by Antonio Collantes, a traditional artisan jeweler.

What are the Techniques of Traditional jewelry?

There are a great variety of techniques, more and less complex.

We will mention some of them:

1.      Forging parts

In the forging, it is essential to be clear about the design to cut the piece to the size you want to achieve through the hammer’s skillful striking.

The desired shape. Very natural and beautiful pieces with curves and sinuous and sensual shapes achieved.

2.      Engraving

It is a technique that, among master, jewelers requires excellent dexterity.

With this technique, we will recreate a model, a drawing, or initials.

3.      Etching

It is a technique that needs acids to protect the area marked or drawn on the piece.

A protector or varnish is applying to it, and then the acid is poured, leaving the required shape of the piece.

4.      Embossing and chiseling

Embossing is the silver modeling on the back of the silver, generating a figure in relief, and in the chiseling, it is marked and molded on the upper face.

5.      The enameling

In enameling, we melt glass to adhere it to a metal surface and, among other processes, subject it to high temperatures in specialized furnaces.

These are some basic techniques, although there are also others such as casting, cross-linking, fusion, etc.

The traditional jewelry of artisan and original pieces that are not generating in series is existence lost.

It is a traditional trade that requires specialized training and learning.

Traditional jewelry, its history, and primary techniques were last modified: August 16th, 2016 by Tomas Martinez.

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