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Why is bitcoin volatile?

by The Digital Trendz

The decentralized cash, bitcoin, came into live stances in 2009. Since 2009 bitcoin’s value has been persuaded multiple times. Besides inclining, the market value of bitcoin has also declined by thousands of dollars in one a day only. You can also check how to become a billionaire by investing in bitcoin crypto through the official website to know the dynamics of bitcoin trading. Experts address numerous reasons behind such attributes of the world’s largest cryptocurrency of all time. Acknowledging the aspects that govern the value of bitcoin can assist you in determining whether you should invest your savings in it or wait for the cryptocurrency marketplace to mature.

Key Takeaways!

  • Like most investment assets, haven and other commercial products, bitcoin’s market value also relies on on-demand to a hefty extent.
  • Bitcoin is one of the most quickly adopted haven assets; assumptions regarding market value movement have a significant role in determining bitcoin’s value at a particular period.
  • Influencers, institutional investors, and popular organizations develop concerns in investors’ minds, leading to market value volatility.

Supply & Demand!

The market value of each commodity is characterized by supply and demand. Undeniably, other factors also govern the market value, but supply and demand significantly impact each commodity. For example, the number of BTC in circulation and the amount investors want to pay for bitcoin decide this token’s market value.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the mastermind behind this innovative invention, generated the concept of a limited supply. If the circulating number of BTCs reaches near to the limited supply, the price of BTC is more likely to skyrocket.

Undeniably it is nearly a challenge to analyze the market value of bitcoin when the circulating supply is equivalent to the limit of BTCs. But the profitability of cryptocurrency mining will be wholly drowned as per reports. Undoubtedly miners will have transaction costs as a reward for this process. The big financial organizations can efficiently govern the market value of these tokens by their actions in the market.

Bitcoin Investors Actions!

Bitcoin investors here refer to bitcoin whales. BTC whales are an individual or a group of people holding more than 1000 BTC. The limit of BTC an individual holds to be called BTC whale utterly depends upon the bitcoin price. Today the market value of one BTC is very high. That is why any individual holding 1000 BTC is referred to as a bitcoin whale.

But if the price of this token slumps by 50%, individuals holding 2000 BTC will be referred to as bitcoin whales. The demand for it is on a roll due to the supply of it is getting shortened. The actions of these investors characterize an extent of volatility in bitcoin’s market value.

However, there is no evidence of the direct impact of bitcoin whales on BTC price, but it is very palpable that bitcoin whales impact the value of this virtual coin. They have thousands of BTCs that cannot provide liquidity to their digital assets to eliminate huge losses.

If the market value of it remains the same in future, a bitcoin whale will be able to provide liquidity to merely one token each day. But if they can liquidate the cryptocurrency holdings by an exceeding extent each day, it will lead to fast and enormous losses.

Bitcoin in the news!

News channels and media outputs seek content for their user base, and cryptocurrencies are currently the hottest subject. Today it is widespread to hear the perspective of an individual who has invested a tremendous amount in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency investors have always supported bitcoin, and on the other hand, prominent stock investors criticize stocks as well. As a result, bad actors create a hype of an emerging cryptocurrency model to outpace the most prominent virtual currencies somehow and provide higher returns to investors.


Regulations have a crucial part to play in the volatile characters of this virtual currency. Existing regulations, rumours, and news about regulations also influence the market value of it. Multiple rumours regarding regulations of cryptocurrencies in a particular region have led to panic selling. Panic selling leads to a price crash, and it takes time to stabilize the crashed market value. These are some reasons why bitcoin is highly volatile.

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