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Free Exercise Apps and Tips for Seniors to Stay Healthy

by The Digital Trendz
Free Exercise Apps

Free Exercise Apps – When you are getting up in your years, it is of the utmost importance to stay in shape. After all, as people grow older, they are generally going to lose out on strength and be more prone to injury and illness. One of the best ways to combat this is to try to stay active, which for some, are easier said than done. In order to better facilitate good health among seniors, several people have created free exercise apps to help seniors exercise. We will talk about these as well as some good general tips to stay healthy.

The Best Free Exercise Apps And Tips For Seniors To Stay Healthy

First, let’s go down and check out some basic tips to keep seniors healthy. The obvious one is to make sure that seniors aren’t stagnating. When you get up in age, you are a lot less active due to pain and a general lack of energy. This can compound, as a lack of energy leads to a lack of activity, which in turn also leads to a lack of energy, creating a vicious cycle. By providing physical activities for seniors to use to get fit, they are able to do more during their golden years. Now the question you will have is: just what activities are best for seniors? And the answer is honestly going to depend on the type of person as well as what is ailing them the most. For example, someone who does not walk around much is going to have less muscle in their legs, making it continuously harder over time to walk, until that person is potentially confined to a wheelchair. For seniors who are showing this kind of muscle degradation, getting them walking around more, even for only a few minutes, can honestly make a bigger difference than you may realize.

There are certainly problems with nursing home facility care, at least in certain facilities. While some nursing home facilities do an excellent job of ensuring that the people staying there are kept active, others simply do not put much effort in at all to encourage that kind of activity and will allow them to stagnate. Granted, this is a problem for a number of different people, particularly loved ones who are helping support their parents or grandparents after they spent so much time and effort supporting their children and grandchildren. And for sure, taking care of an elderly person is a very difficult job, especially if you are someone who has to balance them with your career, your family, and your social life. All too often, that balance proves too difficult, and the caregivers may end up dropping the ball when it comes to ensuring that the people, they are caring for are receiving the maximum amount of care that they can reasonably provide. Of course, the only solution isn’t exercise, it is also important to get good stuff into their bodies. One good way to accomplish this is to give them supplements, which will help to offset certain nutrients that they are lacking in otherwise. Always make sure that they are eating healthy. Nothing wrong with a sweet now and again, but it definitely should not be a common thing (for them or anyone, honestly). You also should take care that you can’t make them sick, such as by washing your hands frequently before you interact with them.

Now, let’s move onto the apps, shall we? There are actually a number of apps available that are specifically catered to helping seniors better stay fit and healthy, which makes sense since they are some of the most at-risk if they are not. By tailoring the experience to them, the apps can be more specialized for them, and need a lot less fiddling around with to make work for seniors. There are certain apps, such as the 7-Minute Workout and PEAR Personal Fitness Coach, which provide good results for seniors, although they are not themselves tailored to seniors. If you are looking for a way to track the intake of calories and other nutrients into their body, you can go with the app LoseIt.com, which can also account for exercise done. MyFitnessPal can also be used and is nice because it can help with weight loss goals and weight gain goals. After all, while a person can be too heavy to the point of it being unhealthy for them, a person can also be severely underweight, presenting its own set of problems. An app that is specifically designed for seniors is called SilverSneakers GO. You are able to set your own fitness goals, and over 4-12 weeks, you can track seniors’ fitness progress and see how they are doing. This also allows you to adjust the goal as needed, such as if the person is particularly ahead of the pace towards their goal or are pretty far behind. The app also allows you to find nearby fitness locations and classes, which is a great boon in the event that they would want to spend time with other people, which itself can be a great boon for a workout routine.

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