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Guide to Use Instagram – About and Use

by The Digital Trendz
Guide to Use Instagram – About and Use - The Digital Trendz


Instagram started in 2010, that is, it has not yet turned eight years old, although it seems that it has been with us all our life

It has more than 400 million users universal and about 12 million in Spain (it has grown by 66% in the last year in our country)

68% of Instagram users are women, and it seems that it has been with us all our life

It has more than 400 million users universal and about 12 million in Spain (it has grown by 66% in the last year in our country)

In March 2017, it had more than 1 million advertisers, and this year revenues are expected to be between 4 and 6 billion dollars.

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for $ 1 billion

As a curiosity, it should also be said that the most followed account in the world on Instagram is that of Selena Gómez, with more than 120 million followers.

The photo that has received the most “likes” up to this moment is this Beyoncé, who had over 11 million likes.

How To Use Instagram?

1.      Use your Mobile

Although there is a computer version, you will see that it offers very few possibilities.

For example, you will not be able to upload images, so unless you want to use Instagram professionally, forget about the computer.

This social network is designed to “tell life” in images, and when you are living it, you carry your mobile, not your computer.

First of all, you will have to transfer the application on your mobile from the Play Store or the Apple Store; and once you have downloaded it.

You will have to register by entering the username, an email and choose a password.

You can also register through other social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

Come on, the same in other social networks.

2.      Image is queen

If the visual component is essential in all social networks, it is undoubtedly on Instagram, where the image becomes the real protagonist.

Here the text is the one that accompanies the picture and serves to qualify.

Explain or provide some more information to the image we have published, but it is not the most prominent element.

You will see that you cannot put links in the publications to other information except, as we will see, in the profile.

You will also see how it is common to put emoticons to simplify the message.

3.      Public or private account in a single click

One of the advantages that Instagram offers is that you can put your account in public or private just by sliding a bar.

If you have it in private, it does not mean that your followers do not see what you post, but that those who do not follow you do not have access to it.

For a user who does not follow you to see your account’s content, they will have to appeal to “follow you”, and you will have to authorize it, so you have full control of the people who access the content of your account.

4.      Follow other accounts and users

To follow what other users or accounts publish, you have to go to the Instagram search engine and look for their profile.

And if they click on the blue “follow” box, the publications of that user will appear in your “home”.

In the case of Instagram, you will see that it is shaped like a little house at the bottom.

That start or home is similar to the Facebook wall and the Twitter Timeline.

5.      To post a photo or video

From the “+” option at the bottom of your screen, you will see that you have different options.

·         Gallery

you can select a photo or video that you have saved in your mobile gallery

·         Photo

you can take a picture right now and upload it

·         Video

you can also record a video of up to 60 seconds.

6.      The Filters

One of the motives for the success of Instagram is that it has made us all great photographers without being one thanks in many cases to use filters to improve the quality of the images.

Filters are different layers superimposed on the photograph and that also play with light, intensity, tonality.

To make each photo unique and unrepeatable.

As a curiosity to say that the most used filters are Claredon and Juno, although I have to admit that in my case, the one I use the most is the Valencia filter.

7.      Complete publication before publishing

Once the photo has been chosen, we put a filter on it, and we improve the intensity and brightness.

We click “Next” again, and we will arrive at the option “Write a caption”.

This step would be the equivalent of the Facebook wall, and it is where we can write what we want, and that will provide more information to the photo.

We can also “add location” to indicate where we are and the option to “tag people” to name or quote other Instagram accounts.

And finally, we give the option “share”, and our photograph will be published.

8.      The hashtags

Being a user of other social networks, you already know what hashtags are and what they are used for.

Still, on Instagram, their use is more than generalized.

It allows us to locate other publications with the subject that interests us, at the same time as We facilitate that other users can identify us.

As a curiosity to say that the most used hashtags are #love, #instagood, #photooftheday, #fashion and #beautiful.

9.      Instagram Stories

One of the modern features that Instagram has incorporated is Instagram Stories.

Stories are publications that we make on Instagram.

That appears at the top in the shape of a circle, and whose peculiarity is that they disappear after 24 hours.

It is a way of telling a story every 24 hours.

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