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Signs that an Intranet Portal Is Not the Right One for Your Business

by The Digital Trendz
Signs that an Intranet Portal Is Not the Right One for Your Business

Most companies recognize that intranet portals are highly beneficial to their organization. Namely, when you have a good one, you are going to be encouraging sharing in your company, whether that is information, resources or tools. Employees can feel part of something, as well as have all of the things they need to do their job on a daily basis. Think about it as a support and sharing system.

However, these things are only going to be true if you have an intranet portal that works for your business. Sometimes, you can discover that you do not have the right one. Here are some signs to look out for that indicate this could be the case for your business.

Employees Find it Difficult to Use

Remember that it is your employees that can benefit greatly from the intranet. A good portal is one that they can use every day, easily finding information and the tools they need to get through their workload. But, if they are unable to work the system properly, this is going to affect productivity, and it can be frustrating for your team.

So, if your employees are telling you that they find the intranet portal difficult to use, you need to listen to them. The results are going to affect your business and everybody will be held back. To update your system, check out https://www.clearpeople.com/products/microsoft365/microsoft-sharepoint-intranet-portal. Clear People offers SharePoint intranet portals, which can transform how your business operates. This can make communication and information sharing a lot easier for your employees.

The Technology is Outdated

Did you get the intranet for your business a long time ago? Has it been through no huge changes since then? Well, this alone could be a sign that the intranet portal is not going to be the best one for your organization. Technology is constantly improving and getting updated and if you are failing to keep up with this, it can start to take a toll on productivity.

The best thing to do is try out the intranet for yourself. Does it feel outdated? Sometimes, you are just going to know by using technology. If it is slow or just does not have the same user experience as other software, it is time for a change.

Staff are Using Email More

We can all agree on the fact that email is the number one way you can miscommunicate with your team. You can forget to answer messages, get the wrong idea and even delete information without realizing it. Email systems can be a disaster and this is why businesses are trying to move away from them. Indeed, intranets are a way you can do this.

But, if you do not have a good intranet portal, you are going to see the side effects. For example, your team might be using email more to communicate even though they have other options available. This is a sign that they probably do not like using the intranet or it is not good enough for communication.

Tasks are Taking Forever

One of the main reasons why organizations invest in the intranet is to improve productivity. Indeed, finding information and tools is supposed to be quick and easy, which allows staff to get on with daily tasks and complete them to the best of their ability. However, this is not going to be the case if your intranet is slow. If you find that your employees are talking all day to complete tasks that should be easy on the intranet, there is clearly a problem.

You need to try out the intranet for yourself. Test the system to see if you are able to find things quickly and whether it is a functional portal to use. If you find that you do not like it or things are slow, it is time to change your intranet portal for the sake of your business and its success.

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