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What is Miko Robot? – Definition, Creativity, and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is Miko Robot? – Definition, Creativity, and More - The Digital Trendz


Miko Robot has two engages, educates, and entertains youngsters.

It is a child-safe personal automaton that will see, hear, sense, and bear in mind your child’s moods.

Each interaction with Miko two makes your kid smarter and happier.

Miko two parades your child’s world to legion prospects.

What is the Creativity of Miko Robot?

Grows with your child

Miko Robot two intuitively understands and responds to the child’s moods, has meaty chats, and provides society.

A cute little all arounder

An all arounder that does not merely sing or dance to entertain your kid, Miko two allows enjoying games and narrates exciting stories as well!

Parental management

With the Miko two App and its increased Parental Dashboard, you have got more effective management over Miko’s interaction together with your kid.

Child and information for Safety

Miko two entirely |is total} safe for children! Your child’s information is encrypted and thoroughly protected.

The possession of the information lies in your hands as a parent.

What are the Characteristics of Miko Robot?

·         Miko two will See

Miko two sees the globe mistreatment the aboard HD camera, associate integrated “Time of Flight” detector and edge sensors.

Mistreatment state of the art pc vision, the camera helps Miko two to spot, bear in mind and recall notable faces, objects, and the world around it.

The “Time of Flight” detector allows it to survey and perceive your space and its setting over an amount of your time and discover obstacles.

In contrast, the sting sensors guarantee your Miko two showing intelligence saves itself from falling.

·         Miko two will Hear

Miko two uses twin active noise cancellation microphones to perceive your kid’s voice higher and eliminate any noise.

Mistreatment beamforming, Miko two will hear your kid even from a distance and estimate their direction to face them and have a spoken language.

·         Miko two will Feel

Miko’s two attempts to know your child’s emotions, voice, and feelings through its camera and microphones.

As of this, data is processing by our proprietary emotional intelligence engine.

You may expertise a brand new world of emotions with Miko two supported your past interactions.

·         Miko two will Speak

Using Hi-Performance speakers, Miko two speaks to you and your kid with its distinctive voice.

What are the Physical Options of Miko Robot?

1.      Dimension

15 cm x fifteen cm x eighteen cm


900 gm

Top Speed

0.5 m/s

Dimension with packaging

20 cm x eighteen cm x twenty two cm

Weight with packaging

1.75 kg

2.      Processor

1.5 gigacycle per second Quad-Core Processor

3.      Sensors


Dual MEMS electro-acoustic transducer


HD Wide-angle


Capacitive bit detector for navigation


9 Axis MEMS foreign terrorist organization

Time of Flight detector

World’s Smallest optical maser move module


Hall result Sensors

Edge detector

Dual High Sensitivity Long-Distance Proximity and close lightweight detector

4.      Connectivity


Range ten meters


Range ten metres

5.      Display

2.8 in. Comprehensive Angle High-Resolution IPS show

6.      Power

Charging Time

1.5 hour

Discharge Time

3 Hours

Standby Time

12 hrs

Active usage

3 hours



7.      Speakers

Dual Hi-Performance Speakers

8.      Language


What are the Key Features of Miko Robot?

Miko2 Is Your Child’S Intelligent Friend That parades Exciting New Worlds.

It’S a toddler Safe Personal automaton which will See, Hear, Sense And bear in mind Your Child’S Moods.

It will speak On 1,000,000 Topics associate Themes that Get invigorated And Updated mechanically.

each Interaction With Miko2 Makes Your kid Smarter And Happy

a)      Educational

Helps Your kid to find out, Answers queries, And Poses Challenges serving to In Mental Growth

b)      Emotional

Intuitively Understands And Responds To The Child’S Moods. Has meaty Chats And Provides society

c)      Entertainment

Plays Multiple Games, Sings Songs, and might Even Dance. Narrates Exciting Stories

How to Download Miko Robot?

Works Over wifi.

Parents will Access The Miko2 to trace Their Child’S Movements From anyplace within the World Through An designed Camera that Facilitates Video job

You Can Monitor Your Child’S Engagement With Miko2 Through Parental Dashboard

  • Dimensions-15X15X18 Cms -900Gms
  • Battery Is reversible
  • Runtime- three Hrs; Standby – 5Hrs

Miko Robot Comes With Edge Detection detector that Prevents It From the slump

It will Move Forward, Backward, Right, And Left Through Commands From The Miko2 App

The exhausting sturdy Plastic Controls injury shut-in Of Fall

The Surround Sound Speakers With Noise Cancellation Facility Aids In higher Hearing For Your kid

The Multi-Directional Pad On The Body Helps In Navigation For The Dashboard.

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