What is Paytm Fastag Activation?

What is FASTag?

Paytm Fastag Activation is an associate degree initiative launch by NPCI, below the National Highways Authority of India and Indian Highways Management Co. Ltd.

This area unit paid reversible tags for toll assortment that enable automatic payment deduction from the FASTag and area unit usually affixing on the screen of your vehicle.

With the assistance of a FASTag, you may not have to be compelling to stop your vehicle.

About Paytm FASTag

Paytm FASTag could be a straightforward & reusable tag that works on Radio-frequency identification technology (RFID).

It has to be affixing on the vehicle’s screen.

Every tag is coupled to a registered Paytm pocketbook to facilitate instant automatic deduction of toll charges.

This program is a component of the National Electronic Toll assortment (NETC) initiative, extended by NPCI below the rules of NHAI & IHMCL.

The Paytm FASTag could be a reusable tag that works on RFID.

The FASTag is coupled to your Paytm Payments checking account and Paytm pocketbook.

Hence, make sure you’ve got enough cash in your Paytm pocketbook to permit for toll payments.

How to get Paytm FASTag?

You can get a Paytm FASTag online by following these steps

Step 1

Visit the Paytm web site at Log in to your Paytm account with the registered version.

Step 2

On the house page, head to ‘More,’ click on ‘FASTag’ from the menu, and proceed.

Step 3

you may be directing to the ‘Paytm FASTag’ page.

Make sure that the dimensions of the RC photos aren’t over two MB.

Step 4

Click on ‘Buy for Rs 400’

Step 5

The tag is delivering to your registered address.

Do make sure you retain your original documents handy.

You must keep these documents handy for verification

  • Registration certificate (RC) of your automobile
  • A valid driver’s license, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, etc., for identity proof and address proof
  • After the verification of your documents and details is completing, you may be issuing with a Paytm FASTag.

How to Recharge your Paytm FASTag?

You need to feature cash to your Paytm pocketbook associate degreed FASTag pocketbook.

It can mechanically reserve a quantity from it (no separate recharge of Paytm FASTag is requiring).

Note that FASTag is used for toll payments solely when twenty minutes of adding cash to the Paytm pocketbook.

How will a Client Activate Paytm FASTag?

You can activate your FASTag by following these straightforward steps

  • Go to the “My Orders” section of your Paytm App once your FASTag is delivering to you
  • Go to the “Shopping” tab and click on on your FASTag order details
  • You will see an associate degree “Activate Now” button
  • Enter the ID mentioning below the barcode on the FASTag you’ve got received
  • Upload your vehicle RC copy following the directions
  • Post document transfer, you may see the subsequent success message ” Your FASTag ID is activating.

Currently you’ll use it” on your screen

What are the Terms and Conditions for the Paytm FASTag?

Paytm FASTag could be a straightforward and reusable tag supported radio-frequency identification technology (RFID).

Which will be affixing on a vehicle’s screen.

Every FASTag is coupling to a registering Paytm Payments Bank account to facilitate instant automatic deduction of toll charges.

This program is a component of the National Electronic Toll assortment (NETC) initiative extended by NPCI below the rules of NHAI & IHMCL.

Only one FASTag is issuing against any exact vehicle at any given purpose of your time.

If the client reaches PPBL for a brand spanking new FASTag issue.

The client needs to make sure that the earlier issue FASTag against the same vehicle area unit was destroying and dismantling.

If the client fails to destroy the FASTag, he is charging from each of the FASTags/accounts till one among them is eliminating/deactivating.

And inform the sooner bank that issued the FASTag.

By applying, the client shall be deeming to own in agreement and accept the Terms and Conditions.

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