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Promotion in Mobile Apps: Secrets of Successful Mobile Marketing from Vasilii Gamov

by The Digital Trendz
Promotion in Mobile Apps_ Secrets of Successful Mobile Marketing from Vasilii Gamov

Are you reading this article from your smartphone right now? It’s quite likely according to the recent statistics. Likewise, your potential customers are spending more and more time on their smartphones, playing games, talking to their friends, shopping, learning and relaxing.

Promotion in Mobile Apps


According to recent research, people spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone each day. There’s also one in five smartphone users who spend an average of up to 4.5 hours a day on their smartphone.


One of Statista’s studies conducted in January 2023 found that nearly 57% of web browsing worldwide accounted for mobile phones. Over the years this figure just keeps growing. For instance, in 2018 the researchers stated that only 52.2% of online traffic worldwide was generated via smartphones.

generated via smartphones

Therefore, we can conclude that this field will continue to grow futher, becoming more and more attractive for businesses as another channel to promote their products.

What is In-App advertising and why businesses need it in 2024

What is In-App advertising and why businesses need it in 2024

Mobile marketing is full of various promotional tactics. You can tell about your product (or third-party products) through In-App and game ads, mobile banner ads, or in-app QR codes.

In-App advertising is a mobile marketing advertising format displayed inside mobile apps. It’s also one of the main ways of monetizing these applications.

Marketers use this kind of advertising since there are less users willing to buy, for example, games, but more of those paying for various in-game bonuses for faster progression: uprgading heroes, getting free attempts and so on. Eventually, up to 4% of users make in-app or in-game purchases.

Which In-App marketing tools are worth using

The first important step is to study your target audience. Before launching ads, you need to conduct a thorough analysis of your users: which websites they visit, which apps they use, etc. This data will help you create more personalized promotion channel

Also you should adapt ads for mobile devices and prepare a mobile-friendly website. The content should be as user-friendly as possible on smartphones.

Among the other formats used in mobile apps, we should highlight:

  • Reward for watching. After watching a commercial, the user receives in-game features: in-game currency or various bonuses.
  • Interstitial — commercials that appear during the game: after completing the game round, moving to a new level and so on. There is a wide field for creativity in the form of mini-games or small videos.
  • Banner advertising. The most usual and traditional type of advertising inside applications. Despite its “annoyance”, commercials in the form of vivid banners of 300×50 size are still quite a popular tool

Which In-App marketing tools are worth using (1)

The effectiveness of the proposed methods depends on many factors: advertiser’s budget, project field, customer segment and how well the portrait of the audience was made. There is no need to stick to one method — the best results can be achieved by using the several types of mobile marketing.

How it works for advertisers and publishers

For In-App advertising to work effectively, the interaction between the advertiser (the one who needs user reactions) and the publisher (the one who places the advertising message in their application) involves another element — advertising networks. They are ​​the intermediaries who create the necessary communication.

When an advertiser wants to get a certain number of actions from users, he gets in touch with the advertising network and provides it with all the necessary information: geographical coverage, users’ mobile OS, audience segments, size and so on.

After negotiating the price and the advertising format, the network needs to find a relevant publisher willing to run the advertisement in their app.


Today, In-App advertising is a fast-growing niche that allows you to effectively engage with your audience. By following some simple rules in building your promotional strategy, you can significantly expand your reach and increase sales.

Author Synopsis:

Vasiliy Gamov is a marketing and product manager with over 13 years of experience in B2C and B2B software development, specializing in iOS and Android mobile apps and website development.

He successfully launched a large forex broker in the CIS region, which holds over 500 thousand monthly active users. Vasiliy developed new revenue streams through innovative strategies such as virtual cashback service, gamification, and creating a mobile app. Eventually those made 50% of the company’s revenue.

In addition, he founded a YouTube network startup from scratch and significantly improved the customer relationship management (CRM) system at  heatlh and beauty company, which was later recognized as the best affiliate network in the CIS. His customer retention projects for online casinos resulted in a 20% increase in retention rates.

Currently Vasilii Gamov launched his own marketing agency PEAKY ADS LLC and going to share his expertize accross the globe on comapny blog and youtube chanel.

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