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Using Promotional Product Giveaways to Grow Your Business

Promotional Product

by The Digital Trendz
Promotional Product

Promotional Product – If you own a business, one of your goals is to help that brand grow. This can be done in many ways, from hiring more talent to developing more services for clients. One of the main tactics for propelling a company forward is to focus on marketing initiatives. Marketing is all about communicating a message to audiences to convince them to take action. Sometimes marketing is focused on selling a specific product, but it can also be used to simply increase awareness for the company.

Promotional products are an effective tool for marketers that want to increase the visibility of the business and build brand loyalty. These items are typically imprinted with company information like the name or logo. Then, they are given away to customers, employees, or members of the public to raise awareness of the brand and generate excitement for the business.

But implementing a promotional product campaign is not as simple as purchasing some items and then giving them away to anyone that walks by. There are right ways to go about this initiative that require strategy and thought to yield better results. Here are a few tips for using promotional product giveaways to grow your business.

Fulfilling a Need

The most important indicator of a promotional product’s success is its usefulness. If a person receives an item that is completely useless to them, they are not going to use it and will not see it as a good gift. It may never see the light of day again, which means it was a wasted investment. For this reason, the promotional products you choose should fulfill a need within your target audience. If you have a very eco-conscious target audience, then giving away promotional tote bags fulfills a need since it gives them a way to carry groceries or other items without using wasteful products. The items you choose should come from knowledge about your ideal customers and what would make them excited. Then, they are likely to trust your brand more and use the items, resulting in more impressions for the business.

Quality Vs Quantity

Another important decision to make with a promotional product campaign is whether to focus on quality or quantity, and there are advantages to both. Investing in fewer, high-quality items could result in more uses per item, generating good exposure for the brand. Spending money on more items for a lower cost could increase your initial reach for the giveaway, but the items may not be good enough to be noticed by many. Finding the right balance between these categories can guide your strategy and you should understand the pros and cons of each. Maybe you should go for both at the same time, buying some more expensive products and cheaper items in bulk so that you have a variety of options.

Appealing Designs Matter

Small businesses may not have invested much money in creating an eye-catching logo or brand design. When they print these designs on promotional products, they may not generate a lot of interest. Having an appealing or eye-catching design is crucial for a promotional product campaign. Take outdoor signs for example. You have to consider design for building signage because you want to grab the attention of passersby. If the sign is boring or has an unappealing message, no one will look at it. The same is true of promotional products. If the logo or company name has a boring design or color palette, no one is going to look twice and notice it. The shirt might be cool, but no one will know that your brand is associated with it. If possible, work with a graphic designer who has an eye for visuals to create appealing products that will draw extra attention from others.

Strategic Giveaways

Another crucial factor for promotional products is how you give them away. Who are the people that would benefit the most from hearing about your business? Where do you need to increase exposure for your business? How can you build a local presence? These questions are important and the answers can guide a more strategic giveaway plan to yield the best results. Maybe you should bring some items to an industry trade show. Perhaps a swag bag could go a long way toward recruiting new talent. The right corporate gifts to employees could increase their loyalty to the brand and make them more productive workers. Be intentional with where and when you give items away, as well as to whom you give them.

Promotional Products Can Work for You

The beauty of a promotional product campaign is that the hard work is done upfront. Then, once you have purchased the items and given them away, the real work begins even though you do not influence it. When recipients use or wear the products around others, more and more people are interacting with your brand, leading to repeated exposure for a low initial cost. This marketing strategy has been effective for companies both large and small, so let these items work for you and propel your business to new heights with greater visibility and more brand loyalty.

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