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6 tips to promote your next sale on Facebook

by The Digital Trendz
next sale on Facebook

What’s the best way to promote your upcoming sale? Tell as many people as you possibly can! And one of the best ways to spread the word in 2022 is social media.

Almost everyone these days uses social media, and at the top of the hill sits Facebook. With a whopping 2.96 billion monthly active users, it’s the most popular social media network in the world, making it the best place to promote your great deals. Here are six ways to promote your upcoming sale on Facebook.

Start building the suspense early

You want people to get as excited about your sale as you are. That’s why it’s important to start building suspense early.

People need time to plan. Even more, they need time to get excited. If you make a Facebook post promoting your sale on the day the sale starts, many people might be busy and miss it.

However, if you post on Tuesday that your sale is coming this weekend, for example, shoppers will have a few days to think about all the goodies they’ll buy all week. When the weekend hits, you’ll have a line of deal-seekers lining the sidewalk waiting to get in.

When you’re planning your sale’s marketing campaign, be sure to start promotions before the sale actually begins. Typically, the bigger the sale, the more suspense you can build. Think about starting your Facebook marketing campaign anywhere from a week to a few months before the sale.

Post regularly

There are millions and millions of Facebook posts every day. That means you have a lot of competition for attention!

Using Facebook can be disorienting. There’s so much content that it’s easy to get distracted and even forget what you’re looking at. If you only post about your upcoming sale once, there’s a good chance your followers will forget about it in the plethora of content they’ll consume over the next few days or weeks.

If you want to keep your sale top-of-mind with your followers, be sure to post about it regularly to remind them. Most marketing professionals suggest posting about once per day or five times per week to keep your sale in your followers’ thoughts.

Update your Facebook cover photo (or video)

Not all your followers will see your posts first. Many might visit your business’s Facebook page from another link, like your website or a Google search. When they get to your page, make sure they know about your upcoming sale right away by updating your Facebook cover photo.

Your Facebook cover photo is the large banner photo at the top of your profile. Many pages use this as simply decoration, but it takes up valuable screen space, so it’s the perfect spot for more promotions!

When you’re ready to launch your sale promotions, update your Facebook cover to include information about the sale. That way, anyone who visits your Facebook page will see it, even if they don’t see your individual posts.

Since you’re busy running a business and preparing for a big sale, you probably don’t have time to spend on designing new graphics from scratch. Templates are a great way to create professional-level graphics without needing professional-level skills (or time).

Simply browse through some of the Facebook cover photos available for free online, choose the one that best fits your brand, insert your sale information, and you’re ready to upload your new Facebook cover photo!

If you really want to catch users’ attention, try using a Facebook cover video. The movement is great for drawing the eye, and it makes your page look even more professional.

Run a giveaway

Yes, you’re already “giving away” mad discounts during your sale, but giveaways are a great Facebook marketing strategy to boost your online reach.

One of the problems with social media marketing is that only people who follow you can see your posts. However, you can encourage your followers to share your posts to others by enticing them with some free goodies or a deeper discount.

For example, you can post something like, “Share this post and get an additional 10% off your next order.” All your followers will rush to the Share button, and then all their Facebook friends will know about your sale, even if they don’t follow your business.

Boost a post or two

Another way to get your marketing content in front of more people is by boosting. Boosting is essentially paying Facebook to put your posts and pages in front of specific demographics.

Boosting a post isn’t too expensive, and it can provide great results. You can choose how much you want to spend on your marketing campaign, choose the demographics and location, and Facebook will show off your post all over the internet. It’s not uncommon to get thousands of views in just a couple days, even if you only have a few followers!

However, don’t just go around boosting all your posts. It’s smart to boost only your top performers. If you notice a sale promotion post getting more views and likes than others, it means it’s more engaging to users. That’s the one you want to boost, not the posts with average or below-average performance.

Utilize Facebook Stories

Facebook stories are short snippets of content (typically video) that appear at the top of peoples’ feeds and disappear after 24 hours. While it might not sound like disappearing content would be beneficial to businesses, it’s the “top of the page” aspect that should sound good to you.

Users don’t need to organically find your post in their feed to learn about your sale. They can just click on your story at the top of their page to get up-to-date information about what’s going on in your business — and perhaps even a few of your latest sales…

Stories are a great place to post more informal and engaging content, like you and your team stacking boxes to get ready for the sale. Have fun with it! But don’t forget to include a nice plug for your upcoming sale with a few lines of text overlaying the video.

Promote your next sale on Facebook

If you want to promote anything in 2022, social media is the place to be. With billions of active users, Facebook is one of the best places online to promote your upcoming sale. If you can start your marketing campaign early, create regular posts, update your cover photo, run a giveaway, boost a couple posts, and upload some Facebook Stories, you’ll have more people shopping your sale than you know what to do with!

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