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Criteria you should Look for in a Hat

by The Digital Trendz
Criteria you should Look for in a Hat

Hat – By now, the world is becoming more aware of the wide and diverse usage of hats in the face of adverse weather conditions. However, it is still not enough because many people are still reluctant to buy hats. This may be due to a self-made misconception that hats are used only for styling purposes. Alternatively, it may be also because people do not have sufficient knowledge about hats, such as how to buy the perfect hat, the cleaning and maintenance procedures, how many variants are available, and what materials to use in different seasons, etc.

If you are one of those people who are confused about buying hats, this article is just for you. Such misconception or lack of knowledge can be fulfilled by reading more articles like this one that you are reading. Here, you will be guided to know the important criteria you should look for in a hat before buying it.

Why do you need a Hat?

The current number of variants available in hats is huge and it is easy to get overwhelmed by it. Hence, to narrow down your selection to one variant or kind, it is important for you to analyse why exactly you want to get a hat. For instance, you can get hats because of wearing it under different or extreme climatic conditions such as—winter/fall and summer /spring. Based on this criterion, you can in turn narrow down your selection because there are several hats owing to this seasonal variation. Womens fedora summer hats can be a perfect fit for summers. On the other hand, furry beanies or trilbies will be more suitable for winter days.

Your purpose of buying a hat can also be styling. In that case, you can look for fancier options such as pork pie hats, cowboy hats, and even short headgears with embellishment. However, you may expect at least minimal protective function even from such fancy hats.

Structural Features

You can also scale down your selection based on many structural features available in hatsFor example, you can investigate the different parts of the hat as mentioned below.

  • Brim

Brim is the projecting edge that goes around the base of the hat. Brims can be either of short or wide width based on variants or models. A wider brim is more appropriate for summers rather than short brim which is ideal for winters.

  • Crown

Crown is the top-most part of the hat which has a dome-like shape in general. However, based on the diverse varieties, crowns can be of oval, round, spherical, elliptical-shaped. Out of these, most hats have an oval or round shape.

  • Crease

The hat may also have distinct details such as a crease in the crown. It means that the crown will not have a smooth and regular outline, instead have a creased structure when you view from the top.

  • Customisation

There can be customisations or more details to a hat. Majorly, there can a belt made up of a different material that wraps around the base of the hat. Belts or ribbons may vary in width and size as well. Such details can be readily available in many hats (Fedoras, Panama hats), or you may get any of your hat customized to have these.

  • Sizes available

You can select the perfect size of your hat from a wide range of variations as well. Try to choose a size that is one to two times more in diameter compared to your head’s. It is important that you feel comfortable wearing the hat and not feel suffocated.

  • Colours

Colours can also be a selection criterion. Based on which colour is the most suitable for you, or the weather, you may decide to get a hat. It can be a personal preference as well. Usually, people go for colours within the same color family they use for the rest of their outfits. Broadly, it can be either in the cool tone or warm tone.

  • Material

Material of the hat poses an interesting criterion. Seasonal variations may assist in this. For example, you have to choose a material that provides a cooling effect such as straw, cotton, and linen for the summer and spring seasons. On the other hand, you can go ahead with thicker materials like fur, denim, corduroy, and even leather for winter and fall.

These were the top most important criteria you should definitely check out before making your purchase on hats. This might feel a bit difficult at first to keep track of every criterion while selecting, but once you are through the process, it gets easier the next time. You can pick a random hat you find attractive at a glance and then investigate the above-mentioned criteria. You will be in love of the after result of this grilling process so do not worry and go get started with the shopping!

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