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What is Instagram Dark Mode Android? – Definition, Advantages, and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is Instagram Dark Mode Android? – Definition, Advantages, and More


One of the prominent trends that were imposing in 2019 and lasted until today in operating systems was the implementation of dark mode.

We’ve seen it reach all systems, from Windows 10 and macOS on a desktop to Android and iOS on mobile.

Well, applications and the operating system typically display reversing.

The usual thing was to put a light background with dark letters.

But what the dark mode does is set a dark or black wallpaper by putting the letters in a light color.

What are the Advantages of Instagram Dark Mode?

This dark mode has two main advantages.

The first affects us directly.

Dark mode may make it more challenging to read the screen in some situations when there is a lot of light outside.

But in return, it helps reduce eyestrain indoors and when we are in dark areas.

Also, aesthetically many of us prefer something darker and less strident.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Instagram with iOS 13?

IOS 13, you can turn on the Instagram dark mode by going to the menu Settings, select Display and brightness, and touching the option m dark ear.

Another possibility is to choose the Automatic option, which switches the device from light mode to dark mode depending on the time of day.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Instagram with Android?

On Android, dark mode is in the Settings and Display menu. After that, you will have to activate the dark mode.


Dark mode on Instagram requires Android 10 or iOS 13, or later. In other words, some users may need to update their operating system before accessing this feature.

How does Instagram’s dark mode Work?

You will configure the dark mode in the version of Instagram for Android by hand from the application.

To do this, you have to enter the app’s settings, and once inside.

Click on the Theme option that appears almost below everything, just above the controls to link other accounts.

Once you enter the Theme options, you will have three alternatives.

On the one hand, you can manually set the light or dark mode.

And on the other, you can also put it in automatic mode, and it changes depending on the one you are using at the operating system level.

Instagram’s dark mode cannot be set by hand on iOS, and it depends on whether or not you have dark mode enabled at the operating system level.

It means that, if you have the dark mode of iOS activated, it will also be starting automatically on Instagram.

And if you don’t have it activated on your mobile, for the moment at least, there is no option to start it separately on Instagram as there is on Android

How to Activate Dark Mode on Instagram?

It is the dark mode of Instagram for Android

So, you know how it is activated.

It will be enough to have some layer with the dark mode already implemented or, only, Android.

A simple change in the settings of the phone screen, and that’s it.

We leave you some screenshots to see what the Instagram interface looks like in night mode or dark mode.

Long ago, the dark mode was a novelty and, its arrival in the different applications, a myth, a rumor, a legend.

However, it has now become a basic need in the most popular apps.

Google and Apple incorporated this feature from their iOS 13 and Android systems, and other developers have followed suit.

Activating dark mode on Instagram for Android

That cannot be deactivated.

No, at least, without deactivating the dark mode in the whole system.

Although we already know what we mean if we prefer to turn our entire phone to black tones, of course.

The dark mode of Instagram for Android comes with Android and some more advanced phones.

To activate the night mode on Instagram for Android, we only have to go to the phone settings and then to the screen section.

We will have a switch to activate this mode throughout the system.

Once we activate it, Instagram for Android will be one of the apps that adopt this new dark mode, turning the white background to absolute black and the fonts from dark to light.

It will undoubtedly be a mode that those users who have OLED screens appreciate, as it will allow them to save some battery along the way.

Not to mention those used to consulting the mobile at night since now the screen will give off less light than before.


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