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What is Jio Broadband Plan? – About, Plans and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is Jio Broadband Plan? – About, Plans and More - The Digital Trendz


Jio Broadband Plan, already dominated the telecommunications market in India.

Reliance Jio is mostly known for its free high-speed Internet and has already offered free services for 90 days.

Well, now the company wants to change the broadband landscape too.

In September 2016, the company had tested FTTH (fiber to the home), which promises broadband speeds of up to 1Gbps.

The good news is that the company has started to roll out its Jio Fiber FTTH service in Mumbai.

We all know that FTTH service promises up to 1Gbps, but users are getting speeds between 70Mbps and 100Mbps.

As an introductory offer, the company gives its users free unlimited high-speed Internet access for three months.

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What is Jio Broadband Plan?

Reliance Jio Fiber broadband is quite similar to your current wireless broadband service but uses fiber optic technology to establish a high-speed connection.

FTTH can offer speeds of up to 1Gbps.

So the network is capable of offering a download speed of 125Mb per second.

That means you can download a 500Mb file in just four seconds.

Mukesh Ambani had previously mentioned that the service would be available to both residential and commercial subscribers.

However, it does not know when the commercial rollout will begin.

What is Reliance Jio fiber?

Reliance Jio Fiber will be available from September 5 and will be pricing between Rs. 700 and Rs. 10,000. IO

The company’s minimum data speed will be 100Mbps and will reach 1Gbps.

So far, the company has not disclosed full details of the rate plans.

However, as part of the Jio Fiber Welcome Offer, the company will offer customers who subscribe to the Jio Fiber.

Forever annual plan an HD / 4K LED TV and 4K set-top box for free.

In addition to this, Jio Fiber will also come with Jio landline service, premium OTT applications, First Day First Show service, JioCall application for video calling directly from the TV.

What is the Effect of the Jio Broadband Plan?

In July, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) reviewed its fiber broadband plans in India.

In effect, the telecommunications company shelved its Rs. 777 broadband plan to make way for a new Rs. 849 broadband plan in the country.

However, the telco has now listed both plans and offers them in every circle it serves.

It could be a ripple effect of the recently launched Jio Fiber broadband plans in the country.

To recall, Jio Fiber plans start from Rs. 699.

The BSNL Rs. The 777 plan has been list on the Bharat Fiber plan, along with the new Rs. 849 broadband plan.

Offers speeds of up to 50 Mbps with up to 500 GB data for the validity period of 30 days.

Once the promotional offer ends, subscribers will have to switch to Rs. 849 plan offering 600GB data with the same 50Mbps speed.

The 777 broadband plan is available in all circles except the Andaman and Nicobar circle.

How to Register for Jio’s Broadband plan service?

  • Go to the My Jio app, enter your name, phone number, email ID, and address.
  • Click Generate OTP
  • Enter the OTP in the designated place

What are Jio Broadband Current plans?

Currently, the company offers free 100Mbps services for beta testers with unlimited data.

Furthermore, users can also access Jio services like Jio Music, Jio Movies, Jio Magazine, and more.

A user will be credited 100GB of data in advance, and the company will provide free coupons with 40GB of data, which can be redeem through the MyJio app.

Is the Jio Broadband plan is prepaid or postpaid?

As of now, Jio Fiber is only available as a prepaid plan.

However, the company has officially confirmed that Jio Fiber’s postpaid plans are in the works.

Does Jio Broadband Plan support Wi-Fi?

Yes, the Jio Fiber is Wi-Fi compatible, and one can use it on devices such as smartphones and laptops.

What is the Jio Broadband plan Customer Service Number?

Jio Fiber Customer Service can be contacting using this number 18008969999

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