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What is NAPLAN, and How Can You Prepare for this Test?

by The Digital Trendz
What is NAPLAN, and How Can You Prepare for this Test?

NAPLAN – Parents and teachers should make certain that kids don’t stress about NAPLANPreparation is part of this process . With May just around the corner, parents and even students in Australia may already have started to feel anxious about the annual assessment program known as NAPLAN. Although, with the right approach, you can hone your skills to excel in this test. For example, official NAPLAN past papers are a great way to understand the exam structure and practice accordingly, and they can be accessed through the ACARA website.

If you’re interested in knowing what NAPLAN is, what is assessed in this test, and how you can prepare for this test, keep reading this article!

What is NAPLAN and Its Purpose?

NAPLAN stands for National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy, and it basically assesses the performance of students annually in grades 3, 5, 7, and 9 in the field of English and Mathematics.

NAPLAN is broken down into four tests, and they are usually held in the second week of May all around Australia. All schools are required to take the test at the same time.

Purpose of NAPLAN

NAPLAN is conducted in Australia every year to assess students’ performance in the fields that will help them in their everyday lives, such as completing forms and doing calculations. The test results help teachers recognize their students’ strengths and weaknesses and implement an appropriate strategy accordingly.

In addition to this, a band score on this test allows schools to compare their students’ performance with national minimum standards and other students in different states.  

How Are Students Assessed?

These tests are based on the Australian curriculum, and they may include a mix of short answer responses and MCQs. Students are evaluated on the basis of these four areas:

1.    Reading

Different reading passages are provided to students, and they are required to infer the meaning of the passages by answering different questions. It’s kind of like comprehension passages.

2.    Writing

Students are allowed 40 minutes of time to write either a persuasive or narrative essay based on the given writing prompt.

3.    Language Conventions

In this area of the test, students are tested on their spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills.

4.    Numeracy

This test is related to Math and students are assessed on the basis of understanding, fluency, problem-solving, and reasoning skills. It can include algebra, world problems, geometry, and statistics.

How to Prepare Well for the NAPLAN Test?

If you want to ace this test, follow these tips:

Focus on Everyday Learning at School

The NAPLAN test is not your typical year-end school exam. Instead, it assesses the knowledge and capabilities of students acquired over the school learning years.

Therefore, it’s ideal to take your everyday learning at school seriously and discuss the problematic areas that you may have in a subject with your teacher.

Don’t Be Anxious

A cliché, right? However, this is the best advice for students who are preparing for NAPLAN. As this test simply evaluates your skills, you don’t have to cram.

Just perform your best in class every day and trust your capabilities. Being anxious won’t help you in getting a better band score.

Use Study Guides

Getting familiar with the test pattern can help you drastically. Therefore, you can find plenty of online test resources or from your local bookstore to practice accordingly. This can also help you identify your weak areas and work on them before the test.

For instance, the writing test requires you to complete a task in 40 minutes only. Practicing this time limit at home will polish your writing and time-management skills.

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