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What is a Tape Measure? – About, Features, Importance and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is a Tape Measure? – About, Features, Importance and More


The tape measure is an extensible ruler because it is effectively a “tape”, not a rigid material.

These are graduated and can measure great lengths.

In addition, thanks to their flexibility, they can be transported rolled up, so even though they measure great lengths, they do not occupy said space.

The flexibility of the same expands its measurement capacity.

It can be adapted to corners and curves, not being limited by the shape of the object as in the case of rigid measuring instruments.

They exist with having different graduations, being in centimetres, inches or millimetres.

They also cover different lengths, some even reaching 500 m.

A tape measure is a measuring instrument containing a graduated flexible tape and can be rolled up, making transport easier. You can also measure lines and curved surfaces.

The tapes are made of different materials and different lengths.

What are the Features of Tape Measure?

Measuring tapes usually measure an average of 2 meters. Dividing them by the type of winding: spring and manual, you find two presentations.

Those who come with a cavity (spring) box usually measure about 8 centimetres, around 3 inches.

Or those that only bring the tape or have a crank, which has a greater length.

The material can also be of greater or lesser rigidity, but it must comply with the characteristic of being flexible and being able to measure curved surfaces.

A distinctive point common to all tape measures is colour, as they are yellow with black or red graduation to optimize reading.

These always come rolled up for convenience, and it is also the way to keep them when not in use.

Depending on the project or research you are developing, you will choose what type of tape measure is appropriate to have in the laboratory.

What is the Importance of the Tape Measure?

  • Measurement is a necessary technique for the manipulation and transformation of objects in space.
  • And one of the defining characteristics of these are their measurements; You cannot build a house without an alignment of its elements.
  • It is necessary to use the measuring tape, make clothes or shoes, and manufacture items such as tables or doors.
  • Similarly, it will sometimes be necessary to use a tape measure within a laboratory for their subsequent characterization when describing some elements.
  • An example of this is physics laboratories, where it is necessary to measure distances, sizes, among other qualities.
  • The vast majority of articles and artefacts that we use require measurements to be taken in their creation.
  • Most likely, you have involve in some situation in which you have need to use a tape measure.
  • This instrument has excellent versatility and use in multiple situations, making its importance unquestionable.

What are the Types of Tape Measure?

1.     Carpenter’s meter

The commonly known “carpenter’s meter” or “folding rule” is a measuring instrument of one meter or two meters long with folding segments of 20cm.

Its made of wood or even metal ( aluminium or steel plate ), although today they made of plastic (nylon) or fibreglass.

It commonly use in carpentry and construction. But, has the advantage of its rigidity and that it must not unroll.

2.     Seamstress tape

The simplest “seamstress” tapes made of fabric or plastic, between a meter or two long.

Their use is every day in haute couture and clothing.

Extendable tape measure

One extendable meter, 2 meters.

The extendable measuring tape use in measuring lengths made of a thin sheet of chrome steel, or aluminium, or a carbon fibres network join by a Teflon polymer (the most modern).

The most used measuring tapes are 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 and 100 meters.

3.     Metallic tapes

Of hardened steel, your millimetre. After that, Metal tapes recommend for professional and very accurate distance measurement.

Precision (EEC homologation) of less tolerance, that is to say, more incredible accuracy.

4.     Fibreglass

It recommends for measuring long distances due to its lower weight, flexibility, and duration; for being washable, non-conductive of electricity, and resistant to abrasion and stress.

What are the Uses of the Tape Measure?

The tape measure widely use in various areas; Among them, the most common are construction and sewing.

In fact, each one uses a different type of tape measure. building, the size of objects and distances commonly measure as exact measurements require when working on structures.

In the case of sewing, the clothes must conform to the figure, and for this, the measuring tape use in the making or arrangement of it, managing to take the necessary measures both to the person and the fabrics to create custom garments.

There are other disciplines in which the use of the tape measure is equally necessary, such as carpentry or surveying, where tapes of even 100 meters use to calculate distances.

How is the Manufacturing of Tape Measure?

They call surveyors and built only in steel since the force necessary to tension could produce the extension of the same if they construct in a material less resistant to traction.

Moreover, The smallest are centimetric and even a few thousand lime tarts, with the markings and numbers tinted or etched on the tape’s surface.

At the same time, the surveyor’s mark by copper or bronze rivets fixed on the tape every two dm, using a Rivet a little bigger for odd numbers and a small numbered oval for even numbers.

A brass or PVC roller generally protects them.

The surveyors have two bronze handles at their ends for exact tensioning, and it is possible to undo the roller for greater comfort completely.

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