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Comparison between World’s Two Leading Cryptocurrencies, BTC and Ether!

by The Digital Trendz

Ether and BTC are the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, and have also attained traction from retail investors. The two projects resemble each other in a few ways, but the disparities are also very high. You might wonder why there is a need to compare these two projects; both BTC and ether are the world’s leading cryptocurrency projects, and people are confused while investing in any of these.

So, a comparison between these two to understand which is best for their portfolio is mandatory. You can visit why consumers are accepting bitcoin during the economic crisis to know more about bitcoin and ether trading. Below is a detailed overview of BTC vs ether; let’s look.

Key Takeaways!

  • Bitcoin motivated the advent of a newly flanged monetary system with digital aspects that execute all the operations without the governance of any main party.
  • With passing time, the developers realized that one of the fundamental technologies of bitcoin, the public ledger, can have multiple use cases in different fields.
  • Ethereum complied with the usage of blockchain technical aspects not for just maintaining a payment method without the governance of a party but also for holding decoded codes that one can utilize to ensure the smart contracts and other decentralized applications.
  • Creating smart contracts and decentralized apps on the ethereum blockchain necessitates the ether token.
  • Ethereum seems to not compete with the most prominent virtual coin, but the native token has risen to prominence as one of the leading contenders in the cryptocurrency market.


The blockchain of both bitcoin and ether varies drastically from one another. Bitcoin blockchain does comprise an intelligent contract feature; on the other hand, the ethereum network comprises such feature. Moreover, the ethereum network consists of an executable system for computer codes; on the other hand, the bitcoin network’s blockchain is just for mentioning the database. Other fundamental differences between these two contain the complete size of blocks, a difference between headers, and hashing time.

Definite cryptocurrencies come up with definite consensus protocols. The most widely used consensus protocols are proof of stakes, work, and history. Cryptocurrencies These consensus protocols ensure or guarantee cheat-free transactions with properly validated transactions. But the proof of work created a business opportunity amongst validators. Now validators present on any cryptocurrency with this consensus protocol are making some money due to approving exchanges or transactions.

But the proof of stakes has eliminated such business opportunities. Currently world’s both of the leading currencies with cryptographic medium complies proof of work. In short, validators of both these networks can make money. It is easy to make money with the ethereum network as the difficulty rate on this network is lower than the bitcoin network. Moreover, miners must invest significantly less in mining machines to make money with the ethereum network. Larger firms dominate the Bitcoin network, and only mining pools can help solo miners to do so.

But in 2022, ethereum will also eliminate this business opportunity as the network will comply with proof of stakes. So the only two options for miners will be Raven coin and bitcoin.

Transaction speed!

Executing transactions on both of these networks have tons of disparities. First of all, the transaction speed varies dramatically on both cryptocurrencies. For example, the ethereum network has the utter potential to execute transactions in just a few seconds. Still, when it comes to the bitcoin network, the transactions are much slower than ethereum. Furthermore, even a lite coin can process faster transactions than bitcoin. But the upcoming updates on the bitcoin network will fix all these flaws and make bitcoin much faster.

Why are bitcoin digital gold and ethereum digital silver?

There are two most famous precious metals, first gold and second silver, and two most famous digital currencies, first BTC and second ETH. However, this is not the only reason everyone compares bitcoin with gold and ether with silver as BTC and ether have many characters that match gold and silver, respectively. For example, the demand for BTC is much higher as of gold, and both come up with a definite supply, but the definite supply of BTC is fixed, and gold’s supply is yet unknown.

The above mentioned is a detailed comparison of ether and BTC.


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