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9 Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Online Presence!

by The Digital Trendz
9 Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Online Presence!

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies – Many business owners are looking for ways to increase their online presence. This blog post will offer 9 marketing strategies that you can use to grow your company’s reach, build brand awareness, and acquire new customers.

1. Guest Post on an Industry Blog

Writing guest posts for other blogs is a smart way to promote your products or services. If you are new to guest posting, it is important that you only post on industry relevant websites that have a good amount of traffic. A high-quality website with lots of visitors will help increase your site’s visibility and bring in more leads than if you were to write for smaller sites with little traffic. The best part about writing posts for other blogs is that they usually do all the hard work! All you have to do is come up with the content and submit it, which saves you time. You can always personalize each blog post so it follows their unique voice and readership. Writing multiple guest posts increases your company’s exposure online.

2. Share your content with influencers in the industry

Promoting your content might also require some networking and outreach. Reach out to influencers in the industry that you want to target and let them know that you’ve created something new or impressive. You can do this on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc., depending on who they follow and who follows them back. Connecting with industry pros will help increase social signals because of their high Klout scores. Influencers have a lot of influence over consumers so getting them to share your newly published content is a great idea!

3. Respond to Reviews by Marketing Strategies

Positive reviews can bring in more customers and product sales while negative reviews may turn prospects away from making a purchase. Your company’s online reputation rests upon responses to both types of reviews. A response not only lets people know that you are listening, which is nice to do, but also shows your willingness to improve your business if necessary. If you can’t respond on the reviewer’s website due to lack of contact information or their site no longer exists, consider leaving a public reply on their review. It doesn’t matter where online reviews take place so long as they are seen!

4. Create an Ad Campaign on Social Media

Social networks like Twitter and Facebook deliver targeted ads based upon demographics (age & gender) and interests. You don’t have to limit yourself to one social media platform for ad campaigns because websites like Small Business Trends allow you to create multiple campaigns across different sites like Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc. Each site that you post your campaign on will only show the ad to people who are likely to be interested in it, which means that you won’t waste money creating an ad for a website where your target audience isn’t present!

You can even reach audiences overseas with your social media ads. Using powerful marketing proxies, you can find gaps in your audience’s locality and fill those gaps with your products and services.

5. Use Video Marketing to Showcase Your Company

Video marketing is also crucial because it tells customers more about your business and products/services. It helps with building brand awareness by educating prospects on issues they may have had before using your product or company’s services. The goal of video campaigns is usually to get views but you should aim for shares as well. If people click the sharing button after watching one of your videos, then it makes them available for their network which can help with lead generation. You don’t have to create all of your videos in-house either because there are plenty of good video marketing companies that you can hire. However, for small businesses and budget constrictions, you can also use online video editor that offer multiple features in a user-friendly interface for non-professionals to create perfect ad and social media videos for marketing.

6. Use Analytics to Track ROI

Tracking return on investment (ROI) when it comes to marketing campaigns is important because it helps with figuring out what works and what doesn’t. It tells you where you should spend more money and which marketing experiments should be given another try for increased conversions. Google Analytics is a popular tool for tracking campaign results and its basic version is free, making it an affordable option for small businesses. There’s also a website called HotJar that gives marketers insight into how visitors interact with their company like where they click the most or if they drop off before making a purchase.

7. Start a Blog to Connect with Customers and Prospects

Your blog doesn’t have to be about your business but it should definitely include information that is valuable for your audience. You can use this content when you create other types of marketing campaigns like social media, email newsletters, etc., which will help you reach larger audiences who might not see your blog otherwise. Posts on topics such as “How Your Business Can Benefit From X” or “Customer Case Study: Business Y Improves Sales by Z%” are great examples of what you can write about in order to build trust and authority within your industry. Creating catchy headlines is also important because they’re the first thing that people read and then determine if they’ll click on an article or not. One of the most important benefits to blogging is that it builds your company’s reputation with potential customers who may not have heard about you before. You can also show off your expertise by responding to comments, something that people will value when considering if they should make a purchase at your company or write their own review of what you’ve done for them.

8. Respond Quickly to Phone Calls

You might think that this isn’t relevant in today’s digital world but if someone needs help right away then they’re just as likely to pick up the phone and call, especially if it’s about an emergency! When customers aren’t able to reach someone on the phone because no one or the line is busy, they might look at other alternatives or just leave and look for another business to help with their needs. If you want to stay ahead of your competition then offer quick, quality service by answering phone calls as soon as possible.

9. Monitor Your Website Performance of Marketing Strategies

It’s important that you keep track of how well your website is doing because it helps with figuring out what potential buyers like (or dislike) about it. This data can also be used when creating content for different marketing campaigns like social media, emails, etc., which will translate into more conversions and sales on your website. Google Analytics allows marketers to gain information about visitors like where they come from, the top pages they visited on the site, mobile vs. desktop users, time spent on the site, etc., which is valuable information to use when creating marketing campaigns.

One of the best methods to monitor your sales and marketing performance is through HubSpot onboarding. Because this customer relationship management (CRM) platform involves a wide array of sales and marketing tools, HubSpot onboarding can help you set up and implement this technological solution for your business.

HubSpot experts can configure, integrate, and migrate your existing business system to a more advanced platform to gain the following sales and marketing benefits:

  • Create Effective Buyer Personas: Creating your basis for an ideal customer is building your buyer personas. This way, you’ll be able to understand and easily track each buyer persona’s needs.
  • Improve Audience Targeting And Segmenting: When tracking your sales and marketing performance, it’s crucial to improve your audience reach by targeting and segmenting your prospects and existing customers. You can create better sales and marketing strategies,as well as achieve better overall business statistics.
  • Increase Brand Visibility: One of the critical key business metrics when tracking your marketing strategies is traffic or the number of visitors you have. This metric may apply to your website, in-store, or social media traffic, reflecting your projected leads and sales.
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Increase your online visibility by being active with all your digital marketing platforms. Prioritize your customers’ needs, and provide excellent products and services at reasonable prices. Also, regularly update and publish relevant content pieces that are helpful to your business to boost brand awareness and overall sales.

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