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What is FTP? – Network Protocol, FTP Rules, and More

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FTP is an acronym with various uses. The most common English expression alludes to the File Transfer Protocol.

In our language, Protocol File Transfer, used in computer science. Thanks to FTP, two computers (computers) that do not use the same operating system can communicate. It is possible since the communicating entities use the same protocol that is already standardized.

FTP is a network protocol

  • A set of rules establishes how two or more entities must communicate to attain the transmission of details. In the exact case of FTP. Is a protocol absorbed in transferring files through a TCP / IP type network founded on the client-server architecture.
  • In this framework, the client computer connects to the server via FTP to send or download files. That is why applications are often using to allow the transfer of material but with encrypted traffic.

What the FTP Rules?

Do is establish the parameters necessary to achieve the connection (indicating the transfer mode, ports, etc.) and specify what type of operation will be carried out on the file system (add, delete, copy ). Since the relation is bi-directional, files can be load and sent simultaneously.

Generally, to establish communication, the user uses an FTP client, software that uses FTP to connect to an FTP server. Program whose function is to enable the exchange of files between different computers). By clicking on the FTP server, the FTP client can upload or transfer files from an additional computer.

In addition to the fact that linked computers do not need to have the same operating system to upload or download files, they do not need to share the same architecture: main work and reminiscence access.

We can see roughly that mobile phones with the Android working system are founding on a different processor architecture than computers that use Windows. Therefore, it does not prevent these two groups from connecting to exchange files via an FTP server.

In this way, we can send photos and videos from the phone to our computer for backup, a widespread practice.

FTP Server:

  • It is essential to point out that if the file exchange through an  server is carrying out between devices that share the same network connection, Internet access is unnecessary.
  • In other arguments, those users who pay for a metered connection to the Internet, with a consumption limit per month. since all the uploads and downloads that they make in this context will not use data from their plans.
  • The most extensively used family of products for these purposes is FileZilla, which offers both an open-source client and server.
  • Thanks to these 2 options, both free, millions of people configure their file-sharing systems without problems every day.
  • FileZilla originally ran exclusively on the Windows operating system, but today it can also install on macOS, FreeBSD, and GNU / Linux, among others. It should see that it has no relationship with the Mozilla company, despite its name.

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