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What is the iPhone with Dual Sim?- Dual Sim, Use, and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is the iPhone with Dual Sim?- Dual Sim, Use, and More - 2020

Dual SIM

If you’re a long iPhone user, this may be the primary time you’ve encountered the term “dual SIM,” thus a touch of rationalization is so.

You’ve got 2 SIM slots on your phone rather than only 1.

This way, you’ll have two phone numbers—even from 2 completely different carriers—all on one phone.

The phone can seamlessly switch between the 2 SIM cards for calls, texts, and data.

iPhone with Dual Sim

Historically, this meant twin SIM phones had required two physical SIM card slots. However, within the case of the new iPhone X series, it’s employing a single nanoSIM—the same sort of slot iPhones have used since the iPhone 4—along with a brand new eSIM slot.

eSIM, or “embedded SIM,” could be a new sort of non-removable SIM card that carriers will program.

It suggests switch carriers don’t need a SIM swap; you won’t even get to walk into a brick and mortar store since carriers will program the eSIM remotely.

You’ll even be able to program it yourself with an app.

Can we use a pair of SIMs on our iPhone?

Now you’ll, with a MAGIC SIM ELITE twin SIM adapter.

MAGICSIM is an excellent resolution for business folks, travelers, commuters, or anyone World Health Organization uses over one SIM card or number.

The MAGIC SIM twin SIM adapter allows you to switch between your SIM cards in 2 straightforward clicks, mistreatment your iPhone’s existing menu.

It means no a lot of protracted SIM swaps, no a lot of international roaming, no a lot of problem.

·         Latest technology

MAGICSIM ELITE is the most advanced adapter on the market, specifically designed for the most recent smartphones.

Its ultra-slim chip is optimized mistreatment the latest twin SIM technology, providing increased performance, faster switch, and more significant compatibility than previous models.

And it’s compatible with all the most recent code versions.

Plug and play!

·         No Cut model

The NO CUT model offers the fastest and best installation.

It needs no modification to your SIM cards. Your SIM cards merely work into the adapter.

The adapter then fits into your iPhone SIM slot.

See the manual for full installation details.

All MAGIC SIM adapters square measure straightforward to put in and use.

They are available with full multi-language product support.

We provide a full installation guide and useful videos showing a way to install and use your adapter.

How to get Dual-SIM support on the iPhone X?

All you would like to try to to to feature dual-SIM support on the iPhone X is get this dual-SIM case.

Then insert the second SIM card into the matter and press and hold the SIM ON/OFF button for 5 seconds to change the dual-SIM feature.

Next, place the case on your iPhone X and connect it via the Lightning connective.

This dual-SIM case contains a few limitations yet. It works solely with the iPhone X.

The case has got to be charged for the dual-SIM feature to figure.

The case supports solely line of work and texting, which suggests it doesn’t help knowledge.

The case supports these network bands: GSM850MHz / EGSM900MHz / DCS1800MHz / PCS1900MHz.

How iOS 12.1 bring Dual SIM support to the new iPhones?

Unlike iPhone users, the World Health Organization will get dual-SIM support straight away by merely ordering this dual-SIM case.

Their square measure reports that Apple has added it within the iOS 12.1 beta.

iOS 12.1 includes a brand new possibility within the Cellular panel.

This new possibility is “Add Cellular set up,” and because the name suggests, it permits users to input the small print of their secondary wireless service set up.

An equivalent feature is obtainable on the iPhone XR yet, however, not older models.

When the ultimate version of iOS 12.1 is free a while later this fall, iPhone XS and XS scoop users can connect at the same time to 2 networks.

It’s believed that the first account is tied to the eSIM, whereas the nano-SIM card slot can support the second account.

Dual-SIM could be a helpful feature.

It permits users to possess one variety for business and another for private calls.

It additionally permits users to feature an area service set up once traveling to a different country.

To boot, each network work at the same time.

If a user is busy on one line and a decision comes in on the second line, it’ll mechanically transfer to voicemail.

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