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What is a SmartPhone? – Definition, Features, Advantages, and More

by The Digital Trendz


The term smartphone belongs to the English language and refers to what, in our language, we know as a smartphone.

It is a cell phone ( mobile ) that offers features similar to those provided by a computer ( computer ) and stands out for its connectivity.

It is common for the smartphone to be located halfway between a conventional cell phone and a laptop.

The smartphone has all the cell phones’ essential functions (allows you to make phone calls, send text messages, etc.) and adds advanced features ( Internet connection, multimedia capacity, touch screen).

What are the Features of a Smartphone?

  • Supports email
  • Has GPS
  • Allow the installation of third-party programs
  • Use any interface for data entry, such as QWERTY keyboard, touch screen
  • It allows you to enter the Internet and, of course, social networks.
  • They have a digital plan, contact management


  • It allow reading documents in different formats, including PDFs and Microsft Office files
  • A smartphone is multitasking. That is, you can receive calls, check your schedule, and all while watching some videos or synchronize your device with another.
  • Of course, it allows you to make phone calls.

What are the main Advantages of Smartphones?

Smartphones are a product that has achieved such an implementation that day-to-day life cannot conceive without them.

They facilitate communication – Smartphones have changed the way humans interact.

Now, communicating with someone is much easier and faster.

Easy to handle:

They are straightforward to handle.

Most work with the Android or iOS operating system, two affordable ecosystems for users of any level.

Despite this, new smartphones are becoming more intuitive and visual.

Visual and affordable environment

New designs tend to clean the screen as much as possible, tending to infinity.

They want the image to be the protagonist, that all interaction with the smartphone is natural. And they are getting it.

Mass storage

Thanks to smartphones, we can store a large amount of information.

From phone numbers to videos or music, to photos, WhatsApp conversations, and hundreds of other things.


More and more, applications are putting the commercial aside to focus on other elements.

Health, Culture, Education are just some aspects in which smartphones can bring citizens closer together.


We’re going for the obvious, but this is possibly the most inherent benefit of these gems of technology.

Not to mention the weight of the product and its logistical implications when making national and international shipments, since the rates vary from some parcel services to others, such as SEUR.

What are the Best Smartphones?

Now that we know what a smartphone is, it’s time to find the best smartphone market.

And in this case, there is a brand that has been leading the market for 11 years.

It is the same as the product that revolutionized the sector.

We are talking about Apple and its iPhone.

Currently, the best phone of Apple is the iPhone X.

A smartphone conceived to commemorate the tenth anniversary and that, to this day, has no rival as a whole in the market.

Despite this, Apple is not the best-selling brand in the world.

Samsung South Korea, with an invariable catalog, has that honor.

Its Galaxy range is high-end in its smartphone segment, but it has phones for all tastes and pockets.

What are the Ranges of Smartphones?

Within the technology market, there is an exciting battle for the dominance of market shares.

Low-end phones

They are the most economical product line from each manufacturer and offer an overall quality suitable for the average and undemanding user.

Usually, low-end devices have limited storage capacity, cameras with a functional resolution but not the most optimal, and somewhat slower processors than the rest.

Mid-range phones

This range caters to a market segment that opts slightly more for quality and prefers to invest a little money to get a better performing smartphone.

Although they have improved their quality a lot, it is still a relatively inexpensive line of devices for the number of functions and quality components they incorporate. It is the segment with the most significant competition between the brands.

High-end phones:

Although many do not understand many differences between a mid-range device and a high-end one, since they are manufacturing with similar qualities on the outside, we can find substantial differences inside.

The distinction is base on the quality of its processors, cameras, and other internal components.

For example, the memory capacity is substantially higher in high-end smartphones, so the latter enjoys much more increased speed when using them.

Meanwhile, Apple aims for its users’ loyalty and maintaining its essence based on a proven formula of launches with planned obsolescence.


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