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What is the Tabulating Machine? – Definition, Work, Features and More

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What is the Tabulating Machine? – Definition, Work, Features and More


The tabulating machine was an electromechanical machine design to help summarize information store on punched cards.

Invented by Herman Hollerith, the machine was developing to help process data for the US census.

Later models were broadly using for business requests such as accounting and inventory control.

It laid a class of machines, known as unit registration equipment and the data processing industry.

The term ” Supercomputing ” is using by the New York World newspaper in 1931.

It is to refer to a large custom tab that IBM made for Columbia University.

What is the Work of the Tabulating Machine?

The tabulating machine is time working with mercury.

The punch cards were placed on top of the tank where the mercury was.

On top of both cables are placing in the form of spring.

In these pierced locations, mercury was housing to indicate the exact location of the piercing.

If there was no perforation in the card, these cables could not record any menu information.

In this way, it was possible to save information on the card.

Therefore, tabulating reports could be obtained faster than doing manual work.

What are the Features of the Tabulating Machine?

The machine had a binary reading system.

This information is storing on the card according to the information provided previously.

It is mainly uses for quick censuses, but later it was refining to be used in accounting.

It could read more than 250 cards per minute.

About a year later, it was again refining to add the addition function.

Therefore, it began to be used in business, obtaining excellent results.

The success that the tabulating machine-generating reach until the 1940s.

When mechanical elements were change to electronic ones, ushering in the computer age.

What are the Parts Tabulating Machine?

Within the tabulating machine parts is the player that is using to duplicate the cards’ results.

The counter was known as a calculator, where the cards was placing, so they counting arithmetically and accurately.

Another element was the classifier use to place the cards in a specific sequence to constitute the possible results.

Without a doubt, it was more complicated than creating documents, slides, and spreadsheets in Google Docs.

The simple fact of printing a Gmail email or image from an Android cell phone.

The tabulator, which was possibly the most important element of the machine.

Since it was possible to provide definitive information on the capture of the previous data.

What is the Operation of the Tabulating Machine?

Main article is Plugboard IBM Type 285 Tabs in Use by the US Social Security Administration Around 1936.

Early IBM is tabbing machine Powers-Samas counting machine In its raw form.

Cards with a particular hit could be treating as master cards that cause different behavior.

For example, customer master cards can be combining with sorted cards that individual record items purchased.

What are the Selected models and timeline of the Tabulating Machine?

The first Hollerith tabs were using for the 1890 US Census.

First Tabulating Machine Company (TMC) auto-feed tabulator, operating at 150 cards/minute, was develop in 1906.

The first TMC print tab was develop in 1920. TMC Type IV accounting machine (later renamed IBM 301), from the IBM Archives.

The 301 accounting machine was the first card-controlled machine to incorporate class selection, automatic subtraction, and printing of a positive or negative net balance.

This machine, dating from 1928, exemplifies the transition from tabulation to accounting.

Type IV could list 100 cards per minute.

The 401, introduced in 1933, was an early entry in a long series of IBM alphabetical tabulators and accounting machines.

The 401 added 150 cards per minute and numbered alphanumeric data at 80 cards per minute.

IBM 405 is Introduce in 1934.

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