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The Journey of Bitcoin in the last 13 Years

by The Digital Trendz

Bitcoin remains the first and the oldest digital coin, and on 3rd January, it completed 13 years of its existence. It is the first P2P digital coin that was the invention of Satoshi Nakamoto. Today as the coin completes its 13th year in this world, we see too many things happening around this coin. Many are seen talking about it and wishing their clients and others who deal in this coin through exchanges like https://bitcoin-up.co/. Others are still wondering how this coin emerged as a great leader in the world. Today, we will check the coin’s journey in the last 13 years. For a detailed journey, you can visit the sites that discuss serious mistakes to avoid when buying crypto .

2009- 1st BTC transaction

On 12th January 2009, a software programmer called H Finney got his first reward in Bitcoin. He got 10 BTC when he mined the coins. Satoshi was the man who gave him the tokens. Since this day, Rumor mills have said that Satoshi developed Bitcoin using Blockchain. Today we see the market of BTC growing to 872 B USD, and it has become the most popular digital coin in the world.

2010 – Two Pizzas sold at a whopping cost of 10K

Just after one year, BTC was seen as a novel product, and one can find too many computer geeks and enthusiasts that were seen interacting with the same. Also, many more programmers were seen paying 10K BTC to the famous pizza joint called Papa John’s Pizza. So today, it is worth 613 M USD.

2011 – The year witnessed the price of Bitcoin reaching 1 USD

The year witnessed the price of Bitcoin reaching 1 USD, claims the popular portal on investment. Today it has gone beyond 65K USD coming closer to 70K USD. It was the first time the digital currency market reached 10K Million as the market capitalization.

2012 – Added use of Bitcoin in the vending machine

We have a student from Germany who was seen coming up for the first time in the UK who used a vending machine in the said year. It was regarded as a computer novel work coming along with digital coins. Soon, the coin price doubled, reaching 20K USD.

2013 – Market Cap reaching to 1 B USD mark

Perhaps this is the first time in the history of Bitcoin when its market cap was seen reaching 11 Million. In October, one can find the price of Bitcoin reaching 196 USD, and it soon was seen shooting up to 1153 USD within just two months.

2014 – The year of BTC and Blockchain Wedding

On 5th August, a couple based in Florida was seen having a BTC and Blockchain theme wedding. They used 0.1 BTC for their wedding and paid at places like Disneyland on their big day. Soon the very same year, in December, the top software giant MS accepted BTC for selling their products.

2015 – White House and other places announced BTC plans

This year, we saw the coin coming big with research in Blockchain technology. Many of the top universities were involved in this venture. Even NASDAQ used the same year to embark upon their plans.

2016 – The winds of change

The year is known as a game-changer, and we saw the highest level of trade taking place in nations like China in Bitcoin. As a result, many reports came up with this idea.

2017 – EY Adopts BTC

The top financial companies like EY were seen accepting Bitcoin since Jan 2017 for all their services, claimed media reports. On the other end, JP Morgan claimed that BTC is a fraud.

2018 – W Buffet on Bitcoin

The business tycoon was seen talking about the coin this year. He called BTC rat poison. During this time, the coin was valued at 10K USD.

2019 – Bitcoin rising by 40 per cent

The prices of BTC seemed to reach 40% the moment the Chinese President was seen talking about it in public.

2020 – Black Thursday for Bitcoin

The price of BTC was seen crashing down by 50 %, and it was seen going low by 4K USD. And this was when we got the Covid pandemic, but the coin soared despite the lockdown.

2021 – BTC year

This year, we saw people like Elon Musk tweeting about it and investing 1.5 B USD in Bitcoin. The coin went up and down and then up again, reaching an all-time high. It came close to 69K USD, which is a record.

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