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The Power Of Video For Startups

by The Digital Trendz
The Power Of Video For Startups

Have you noticed how it is easier to understand something from a video than from images or text? Text and pictures require the reader to use their imagination and visualization, whereas videos save the audience time. A person pursuing knowledge might not have time to pause and visualize to understand things. There is virtually no limit on the number of people who want to know things. An organization can tap into this need to its advantage.

What are the advantages of video over other media?

From a statistical point of view, more people consume video-based content than text or image-based content. Video streaming platforms have clocked in daily streaming averages to 4 billion videos watched, showing the global reach of video-based content. Let’s take a look at some advantages of video over other media:

  • Convenience:

Customers can access videos from any place on a device that has connectivity to the internet. Time is also not a limiting factor for the consumption of video content. From instructional videos to global news, a user would not have to wait for information to reach them or go to libraries or newsstands to access written or print media.

They can find what they want from where they are with the help of the internet. Among other content available on the internet, video-based content is more convenient, especially for working professionals and students who require information to bridge gaps in knowledge to complete urgent tasks or appear for urgent tests.

  • Efficient:

Content that fills over a thousand pages in a book would take a reader several hours to days to read and understand completely. On the other hand, a video focuses on all the critical parts of the concept and explains them to the viewer through visuals. It allows users to get straight to the information they require without trying to visualize the content to understand it.

A reader trying to understand the functioning of the internal combustion engine from a book might have to spend hours reading every line of information about it to understand even the smallest detail. In comparison, a video showing the functioning of an Internal Combustion Engine uses visuals and audio to deliver all related information in a fraction of the time.

  • Faster and broader reach:

The world is better connected through the internet. Unlike print media which takes hours or maybe even months, video reaches the farthest corners of the planet almost immediately as they are published. This global reach factor gives video-based content an edge over other media. Users no longer have to wait for information to reach them through traditional media. Video-based content can be accessed from anywhere in the world almost as soon as they are released.

Why should startups use video?

Convenience, efficiency, and reach make video-based content the easiest way for organizations to market their brand. A short, but informative Ad, strategically placed in streaming videos or as story posts on social media or even on live television, could carry brand names from one part of the world to audiences in another part of the planet, thousands of miles away.

Videos are the means for organizations, especially startups, to stay relevant. Relevance is the most powerful tool an organization could have in its arsenal. People notice relevant organizations. They are relatable and remembered for longer durations. One of the main areas of focus for a young startup should be to become an organization for the general public.

Associating with relevant matters or collaborating with relevant people is one way to stay relevant in this era of content and information. This does not always involve creating new video content. It could be as easy as collaborating with an influential channel through sponsorship or interviews. The goal is to reach untapped customer groups.

To quote an example, an organization that offers financial services might not be able to strike the right chord with the gaming community. Members of the gaming community frequently live-stream their gameplay or watch gameplay videos live-streamed by experienced or influential gamers. A collaboration with such gamers, who have a wide reach, could help this organization place its brand or services in these streaming videos.

Actions speak louder and more efficiently than words. A small video advertisement depicting characters in an act that supports a relevant trend is a surefire way to be noticed by the masses. Short videos, especially animated videos, have comparatively little production costs and are easier to make. These can be easily placed in videos on streaming platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. Online platforms such as Typito offer a wide variety of tools such as video templates that make the creation of robust videos even simpler.

Powerful ways in which startups can use videos

There is more than a single way startups, or even solo entrepreneurs, can use video-based content to their benefit.


Influential people always have a fan base that could potentially have untapped customers. Other big entrepreneurs, scientists, celebrities all have a great extent of influence on people. The people who watch these interviews are organically introduced to the brand which hosts the discussion.

An endorsement from these influential figures could go a long way in terms of marketing opportunities. Seamless placement of products in the video could help generate curiosity in the minds of viewers and, in turn, result in sales.


In this era of digital education and e-learning, seminars have been replaced by online workshops or webinars. Webinars bring subject experts from all over the world to meet subject enthusiasts right where they are. Enthusiasts frequent such webinars. Sponsoring or hosting such webinars is a way to bring brand names and products to the people who attend these webinars. It might be a difficult task for startups to organize a webinar on their own. This is an area in which collaborations with small-scale subject experts could be of help.

Education consultants often host webinars for prospective students of foreign universities. These webinars typically require sponsorships. Startups could contribute money or technology towards these and be associated with them, thus bringing brand names to the students who attend the webinar and subject experts who could be potential investors.

Product reveal or product reviews:

People are always on the lookout for new products to upgrade themselves. These could be gadgets or even fashion accessories. Discovering trending brands and creating product reveal or product review videos that appeal to consumer needs establishes a channel for brand or product promotion.

For a technology-based startup, spokespersons could review gadgets or devices from other makers or send their products to influencers who are established in the field of product reviews. The goal, in either case, is to build a relationship with the viewers so that they would consider investment or purchase.

Making the organization relatable:

Videos that take the audience behind the scenes of how an organization works are one of the ways to do this. Creating a degree of familiarity between key members of the organization and viewers will help viewers to understand the organization and its goals on a personal level. Knowing that products are made by people they know or can relate to puts people at ease when it comes to decisions regarding purchase or investment.


Staying relevant as a startup or a solo entrepreneur is essential. Relevance is rooted in familiarity, and video-based content is a tried and tested way of building understanding. Video creation for marketing is now as easy as visiting Typito and using their tools to make videos that deliver your brand and product right into the minds of potential customers.

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