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What is a Home server? – The Processor and RAM, Importance, and More

by The Digital Trendz
home server

Home server

A Home server is a network-attached storage device. Its function is to make backup copies of the files that you indicate in the configuration.

Both those of your personal computer and those of any other mobile device. However, it also has many other functionalities. The only thing you will need is to use the different applications that each manufacturer has.

For practical purposes, these devices’ primary function is to act as a storage unit. Acting as an external hard drive or allowing you to create your storage in the cloud.

The difference with the clouds of other companies is that in this case, the hard drives where your data is stored are in your own home and not on the servers belonging to the company that lends you the storage.

How a Home NAS Works?

WD hard drives, including its RED range for NAS. Although several possible configurations, the most common in home NAS is to plug them into the closest outlet and connect them directly to your router:

  • In this way, you will get a direct connection to both the local network (that is, to other computers on the system). And to the Internet itself, you will not have restrictions when it comes to updating, connecting at the highest possible speed, or offering its many possibilities.
  • Once the device is linked, you will have to access it from your main computer. It is easy because it will share the same connection, and you can usually do it through the browser.
  • You will also have the possibility of installing applications on your computer or mobile devices to configure the files you want to copy to the NAS. Something that will generally be done through the Internet and without having to connect them to it.
  • A NAS will also allow you to configure different user accounts when you use it as a device to make backup copies.
  • Thanks to that, with the cost of a NAS, several people will have their cloud to make backup copies without having to pay each a different service. The only limit will be the total storage, which will depend on the hard drives or how much you have assigned to each user.

What can you do with a NAS?

  • The possibilities of a NAS depend above all on the applications you can install. As each manufacturer has an operating system with its ecosystem, the functionalities may vary depending on the model you buy.
  • Even so, we are going to tell you some of the main functions that most of these devices will offer you
    Storage unit.
  • One of the essential functions of a NAS is to allow you to use it merely as a hard drive to upload all the files you want. The difference is that this hard drive will not have to be connected to the computer whenever you want to use it.
  • Create your cloud. It is another of the main functions of NAS to configure backup copies of various devices to act as if they were your private cloud. With this, you will be able to synchronize backup copies of individual files on multiple devices and access them from any of them.

The Processor and RAM of the NAS itself

  • A NAS is still a computer, so it is essential to consider its processor and RAM. You will not need as much as a PC to move games, that is true.
  • But it is necessary to choose one with a processor powerful enough to perform without problems.
  • As well as a RAM that provides speed that prevents it from going too slow.

Operating system and Applications available

  • In general, each manufacturer has its operating system for its NAS, so the interface and your experience when navigating its menus and settings will largely depend on the brand you are betting on.
  • In this regard, some brands are more committed to the versatility of a good ecosystem of applications. And also, in contrast, others are content to simplify the experience as much as possible so that anyone can use their product.
  • The importance of the records you are going to put on it. There is no use in having the most potent NAS on the market if the disks it has inside do not measure.
  • Some NAS come directly with hard drives inside, but you will have to buy them separately in most cases. It is essential to look not so much in the capacity as in the speed of reading and writing.

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