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What is Advertising? – Definition , Types, and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is Advertising? – Definition , Types, and More

What is Advertising


Advertising is a commercial communication type for the presentation, promotion, and dissemination of products or services. It is a branch of marketing.

It is disseminated through commercial advertisements through the media.

To inform and persuade the viewing public to carry out a consumer action, that is, to buy or acquire something.

It is complete through advertising campaigns, a set of actions, strategies, and communications. To draw attention to a specific audience (also called target or target ) on a particular product or service.

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What are the Types of Advertising?

There are different types of Advertisings

1. Subliminal Advertising

Subliminal advertising comprises a type of a sound, visual or audiovisual nature.

Which contains messages that are not explicit or that are not consciously perceived by people, to create stimuli and influence the public’s behavior to generate an action of consumption.

In theory, subliminal aims to manipulate people’s subconscious without them noticing. It uses techniques such as hidden images, visual illusions, double meaning, ultra-frequency emissions, etc.

However, the extent to which these persuasion methods are commercially effective has not been demonstrating.

2. Misleading Advertising

It is one in which an advertisement implies a message contrary to the product’s actual performance or service being marketing.

In this sense, it is false since its communication aims to mislead its recipients or silence or ignore some fundamental aspects of the product or service that could influence the final purchase decision.

3. ATL Advertising

ATL (an acronym for above the line, which in English means ‘above the line’) is a type of commercial communication.

That uses traditional mass media, such as television, radio, the press, cinema, or outdoor, to promote and disseminate a product, good or service.

It is a type for mass consumer products or in search of building or brand positioning.

4. BTL Advertising

BTL ( below the line )  is a type of non-mass  communication, also known as guerrilla marketing.

Which uses ingenuity, creativity, and a sense of opportunity to promote and disseminate a product, good or service, through alternative channels to traditional ones

In this sense, it proposes direct contact with the target audience (the communication aims at its specific segment).

It uses telemarketing, direct mail, public relations, point of sale, merchandising, direct sales, and advertisements on the Internet and social networks.

BTL  generates a more significant impact, reaction, and response from the target audience. It allows for obtaining immediate feedback and concrete data on the advertising campaign’s effectiveness to measure results.

5. Digital Advertising

Digital , internet , or online advertising, is one that uses digital platforms, whether in web or mobile format, and generate a consumer action in public.

This uses all the resources it has available online as web pages, banners, social networks, blogs, email, videos, webinars or video conferences, podcasting, SMS messaging, among others.

Currently, the placement of advertising on the Internet uses systems such as AdWords and AdSense, which identify users’ interests to, under that criterion, display the ads.

What are the Characteristics of Advertising?

Now let’s talk a little about three  characteristics that make it so valuable—Language, logistics, and universality.

Language because it creates advertisements and transmits messages.

Logistics because it manages distribution, media, and spaces.

Universality because it always aims to reach all members of a pre-established group.

What are Sites Advertising?

Then check out this list of sites that you must-have among your favorites to stay updated:

  • Adnews

It Brings the latest news about the advertising market.

  • Ads of the World

It is an extensive collection of advertisements from around the world.

  • Ad Age

It is an international news portal on marketing and advertising.

  • Adweek

It is another major marketing and advertising news portal.

Although it suffers much criticism, it plays a vital role in bringing information and entertainment.

If advertisers manage to mark our memory, they mess with our emotions as we remember them in this post.

However, changes in technology and consumer behavior put traditional models in check.

For this reason, the advertising market is on the couch: advertising needs to reinvent itself to become relevant again.

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