What is an Internet Forum? – Definition, Platforms, Advantages, and More

What is an Internet Forum


An Internet Forum is a space where people share ideas and generate discussions on a particular topic.

It is beneficial since the contributions, comments, questions, and answers contribute to a websi te’websiteon.

An interforis a placehere users post messages deba in inking about the topic messages saved below the previous one.

What are the Platforms to make an Internet Forum?

There are open or public forums such as closed ones; only users previously registered can participate in those considered free.

Closed forums are those where users cannot register freely.

To make a forum on the internet, there are various supports

Anyone can have their forum on the Internet thanks to the many tools to create one.

Below I will list some of the most used platforms to create them:


short for PHP Bulletin Board, it is free software based on the PHP programming language that easily installs a forum.


Short for Simple Machines Forum is another PHP-based forum management system for setting up a fully functional forum.


short for My Bulletin Board, like the previous two, it is an open-source forum manager


it is another forum manager, but unlike the ones we have seen so far, it pays, and the necessary license costs $ 140.

Besides, it has several add-ons that are paying to include improvements.


another of the most used payment forum management systems (does ForoCoches sound familiar to you?) robustrful.

A basic version is a purchase for € 231.


it is a plugin WordPress that allows you to have your forum within a website made with this content manager.

What are the Advantages of the Internet Forum?

It has its pros and cons.

One of the advantages of this type of communication is that

It adapts to the time that the user allocates to participate in these spaces

A forum in computing consists of a dynamic web page, where discussions related to a series of topics will generate.

A user of the page begins a topic, and then the other users answer their answers or ideas about it, which is known as “posts.”

Tis are used, among other things, as a meeting and discussion point between people with a familiar taste (cars, cinema, comics, etc.) or as a tool to offer support from companies or brands (answer customer questions, troubleshoot, etc.).

They can create new discussion topics, reply to comments, and even depending on the forum, and they can report other users who are breaking the rules of coexistence.

What is the Work of an Internet Forum?

Usually, a forum talks about the same topic. However, the most common is that it is divided into different categories to order the content and facilitate users’ search on a specific topic.

So there are several types of forums depending on the utility that

will be given.

In the forums where a specific topic is deliberated, there are usually several types of users.

First of all, the administrator is the creator of the forum and who can do and undo everything published by all users at ease.

In second place are the moderators, who are in charge of controlling that the rest of the users comply with the forum’s rules.

They can delete and edit comments, block users, etc.

Finally, some users are anyone who registers to participate in the forum.

What is the Use of an Internet Forum?

An Internet Forum serves multiple purposes, such as creating a community of people with similar interests, educational and academic use, promoting communication in a work environment, etc.

Also, it serves as a complementary means of communication on a website and to answer frequently asked questions or FAQs.

It promotes conversations between users about the product or service that had been offered.

Internet Forums will be intended to encourage analysis and discussion.

Generally, they require the user to register to participate.

Besides, they allow the creation of categories to add new conversation topics.

Unlike a chat or instant messaging platform, the conversation does not occur in real time in a forum.

Each participant writes their contribution, and then if someone remains interested, they will remain able to respond or not.

What are the Examples of Internet Forum?

An instance of the worth of a fowill published academic settings and online courses.

If several students have the same concern, they can find the answer, which saves time by not having to answer each one individually.

In this example, a forum is especially useful for promoting peer interaction, analytical skills, argumentation, critical thinking, and respect and tolerance for differing opinions.

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