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What is Barcode? – Definition, Benefits, Types, and More
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What is Barcode? – Definition, Benefits, Types, and More


A barcode is a grouping of lines of different thickness and placed at different distances from each other that, together, contain a specific amount of information.

These lines are nothing more than a representation of characters, in most cases, numbers.

The Code allows a quick and accurate reading of the information it contains through laser readers.

This function is beneficial when making inventory and transactions of any kind since it facilitates and speeds up the entire process.

The Bar Code is an image that identifies a product in a standardized and unique way throughout the world.

It is an essential element so that the products can be in stores and supermarkets.

The Code consists of light and dark bars and occasionally has numeric digits at the bottom.

There is an excellent variety of Bar Codes. The most common is the EAN / UPC (EAN International – Uniform Code Council).

It will be on the packaging of products that are usually on the sales shelves.

What are the Benefits of Barcode ?

Identifying your product with a Bar Code provides excellent benefits:

  1. Give credibility, professionalism, and security to your product.
  2. Improve the control of your inventories within your company.
  3. It encourages greater control over the merchandise that travels at the point of sale to know with certainty which product you sell and in which place.
  4. It allows us to know the inventory available with your client for restocking purposes.
  5. Streamline your merchandise delivery to the customer because by doing it in an automated way, you optimize the other logistics processes.
  6. It reduces the possibility of errors in the control of information for the generation of orders and purchases orders by your client and your invoices’ issuance.
  7. Barcodes are essential tools for adequate product inventory and distribution.
  8. These codes are everywhere; a code does not identify any product.
  9. This ubiquity makes it as important as it is interesting to know how barcodes work.
  10. Whether you are a user or a manufacturer, knowing the barcodes will enhance your experience at either end of the transaction.
  11. Although, logically, it will be much more useful to manufacturers since these codes are mandatory in almost all circumstances.

What are the Types of Barcode?

Where to Buy Barcodes?

There are several places where you can buy barcodes, such as La Tienda de las Barras.

As you are looking for the best for your business, having quality barcodes is a must.

In the different stores, you will have other offers that you must study carefully to decide which is best for you.

One of the goals of telling you what a barcode is and what information it contains is to make an educated decision about it.

As an example of what can be found in the barcode market.

La Tienda de las Barras will send you the Code generated digitally in different formats.

You can include it in the designs of the products and thus be able to maintain an excellent corporate image.

In other stores, you may find different types of offers and services.

It is in their hands that they find the best option for their business.

What are the Lines of the Barcode?

Each strip of the Code has a different value depending on the number of bars and their width. And it will have a different meaning.

These bars are organized into two groups separated by bars called ‘guards,’ and they are the only ones with no meaning.

Each bar is made up of 8 horizontal ‘sub-bars,’ and each one will be of one color: black or white.

Depending on each sub-bar’s colors, the bar means one thing and another, always using binary language, black being one and white 0.

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