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What are the Advantages of GST? – About, Advantages, and More

by The Digital Trendz
What are the Advantages of GST? – About, Advantages, and More


The Goods and Services Tax (GST) and advantages of GST, subsumes several indirect taxes obligatory by the Centre and State like excise, VAT, and repair tax.

It’s living on each product and services sold-out within the country

GST Day celebrated on July first each year: Let’s recall; however, GST has done past one year-“One year of GST: a glance back.”

Any reform is sure to have blessings and drawbacks.

Advantages of GST

1. GST Eliminates the Cascading Impact of Tax

GST could be a comprehensive revenue enhancement that was design to bring indirect taxation underneath one umbrella.

Additionally, significantly, it’s attending to eliminate the cascading Impact of tax that was evident earlier.

Cascading tax impact will be best represented as ‘Tax on Tax.’

2. Higher Threshold for Registration

Earlier, within the VAT structure, any business with a turnover of over Rs five 100000 (in most states) was vulnerable to pay VAT.

Please note that this limit differed state-wise.

Also, service tax was exempting for service suppliers with a turnover of but Rs ten 100000.

3. Composition Theme for tiny Businesses

Under GST, little businesses (with a turnover of Rs twenty to seventy-five lakh) will profit because it offers AN choice to lower taxes by utilizing the Composition theme.

This move has brought down the tax and compliance burden on several little businesses.

4. Straightforward and Simple Online Procedure

The entire GST method (from registration to filing returns) forms online, and it’s super straightforward.

It has helped start-ups enormously, as they are doing not ought to run from pillar to post to induce completely different registrations like VAT, excise, and repair tax.

Our ClearTax GST software package is already on a roll filing GST returns

5. The Amount of Compliances is Lesser

Earlier, there was VAT and repair tax, every of that had their returns and compliances. Below table shows the same:

Under GST, however, there’s only one, unified come to be filed.

Therefore, the number of returns to be filed has come back down.

There are concerning eleven returns underneath GST, out of that four are necessary returns that apply to any or all subject persons underneath GST.

The most GSTR-1 is manually inhabited, and GSTR-2 and GSTR-3 are auto-populated.

6. Outlined Treatment for E-commerce Operators

Earlier to the GST regime, the provision product through e-commerce sector wasn’t outlining.

It had variable VAT laws. allow us to scrutinize this example:

All these differential treatments and confusing compliances are removing underneath GST.

7. Improved Potency of Provision

Earlier, the provision trade in the Asian nation had to take care of multiple warehouses across states to avoid the present civil time and state entry taxes on inter-state movement.

These warehouses are forcing to work below their capability, giving space to augmented operation prices.

Reduction in inessential provision prices is already increasing profits for businesses concerned with providing products through transportation.

8. Unorganized Sector is Regulated Underneath GST

In the pre-GST era, it was usually gotten that specific industries in the Asian nation like construction and textile were, for the most part, unregulated and unorganized.

Under GST, however, there are provisions for online compliances and payments and availing of input credit only if the provider has accepted the quantity.

It has brought in responsibility and regulation to those industries.

Disadvantages of GST

1. Augmented Prices because of Software Package Purchase

Businesses ought to either update their existing accounting or ERP software package to GST-compliant one or obtain a advantages of GST software package so that they’ll keep their business going.

However, each choice cause augmented value of software package purchase ANd coaching of staff for economical utilization of the new charge software package.

ClearTax is that the 1st company in the Asian nation launching a ready-to-use GST software package known as Cleartax GST software package.

It’s relieving the pain of the folks in numerous ways in which.

2. Being GST-Compliant

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) United Nations agency haven’t nonetheless signed for GST ought to quickly grasp the nuances of the GST tax regime.

They’ll issue GST-complaint invoices, be compliant to digital record-keeping, and after all, file timely returns.

It implies that the GST-complaint invoice issued should have necessary details like GSTIN, providing, HSN codes, and others.

ClearTax has created it easier for SMEs with the ClearTax BillBook internet application.

These same invoices will then use for filing through the ClearTax GST platform.

3. GST can mean a Rise in Operational Prices

As we’ve already establishing that GST is dynamical the manner tax is paid, businesses can currently use tax professionals to be GST-complaint.

It may bit by bit increase prices for small companies as they’ll bear hiring specialists’ extra value.

Also, businesses can get to train their staff in GST compliance, additional increasing their overhead expenses.

4. GST came into Impact within the Middle of the Year

As advantages of GST was enforcing on July first, 2017, businesses following the current tax structure for the prior three months (April, May, and June), and GST for the remainder of the year.

Businesses might notice it arduous to induce adjusted to the new tax regime, and a few of them are running these tax systems parallelly, leading to confusion and compliance problems.


Change is unquestionably ne’er simple. The govt is attempting to smoothen the road to GST.

It’s necessary to require greenery from international economies that had enforced GST before America.

The key’s to be GST-compliant at any time.

We tend to at ClearTax have AN All-in-one GST kit specially designed for cars. Please be at liberty to browse our articles and watch our GST tutorial videos.

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