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Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers- Speakers for Large Interiors, and More

by The Digital Trendz
best outdoor bluetooth speakers

Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Lounging in the garden is one of life’s great pleasures if you have one at all: offering a summer day outdoors with the family, even during tough times. And it would help if you had a speaker for the occasion.

Best outdoor Bluetooth speakers except that last bit isn’t always the easiest thing to solve. Even if you have a sound home audio system.

There’s a great chance that if you want to play music in the garden, you won’t just be able to grab your hi-fi speakers and take them with you.

Want the Best Outdoor Bluetooth speakers for large Interiors?

Enter portable speakers, and in particular those that have been designing with outdoor use in mind.

Fortunately, there are now plenty of options for the outdoor listener. To the point where it can be a bit difficult to choose between them.

Don’t worry, and we’re here to help you with this list of the best outdoor speakers to choose from:

Sonos move

  • Sonos took its time to enter the portable speaker market, but the wait was worth it for the Sonos Move, a dedicated device hit. The speaker has a base station that docks into your home for regular use when it’s a top-notch Wi-Fi smart speaker.
  • However, whenever you want, you can pick it up and take it on the go like a Bluetooth speaker. It has good weather ability, and the sound is brilliant, which is a pretty good package for such a speaker.
  • The fact that it can be both a great outdoor speaker and one of our favourite home speakers shows how well Sonos has done.

Ultimate Ears UE Boom 3

  • Ultimate Ears has built a comfortable niche among its speaker audience over the past decade by releasing great, rugged portable speakers that can be trusted to deliver good sound and handle any weather.
  • The water-resistant UE Boom 3 is one of their newer endeavours and is more towards the fully portable end of the spectrum than the Sonos Move. If you want an easier-to-carry speaker that will still power any impromptu gathering or dance parties in the park, this is a great option.

Libratone Zipp 2

  • This one isn’t waterproof, but it’s one of the few on this list that cleverly fuses portability and the comforts of home. We like the Zipp 2 for its unique design – that colourful case and its zipper holder make it stand out from the crowd.
  • It works best when you take it outside as it has a great picnic look that demands you have fun. It helps that the sound is of the best quality, of course. That is not the cheapest option compared to some of the competition, but a large number of connection options make it a safe choice.

JBL Link Portable

  • The JBL Link Portable is an obvious choice for this list – JBL even put the portable world in its name to be very clear. It’s one of the speaker manufacturer’s newest endeavours. And we’re huge fans of how compact it is while still producing impressive sound.
  • That little charging base is easier to use than a cord in our experience, and when you want to pick it up for outdoor use, you’ll find it packs a punch on the front of the volume to match its waterproofness.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

  • However, you may not feel like taking some of the thicker speakers above with you; not everyone is looking for studio-quality sound in the park. If you prefer something more ultra-portable, Wonderboom 2 from Ultimate Ears could be perfect.
  • The little globe-shaped speaker is small enough to fit in just about any bag, but it still packs excellent sound and is easily our cheapest pick for this list.
  • Even better, you can pair two for stereo sound, so if a friend can bring one too, you can enhance your experience even more.
  • Plus, its impressive waterproofing makes it probably the most challenging speaker on this list – useful information if there are rain clouds on the horizon!

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