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4 Elegant Yet Affordable Diesel Timepieces To Purchase This 2021

by The Digital Trendz
Diesel Timepieces

Founded by an Italian fashion businessman Renzo Rosso, Diesel has been one of the famous luxury watch brands that produce iconic timepieces in today’s time. But, before Rosso managed to lead his company to watch line business, he started his brand by producing high-quality, fashionable clothes in 1978.

In collaboration with Fossil, the great Italian entrepreneur expanded his brand and provided the world an exquisite timepiece collection that every watch enthusiast will crave for. As such, here are four of the must-have Diesel watches this 2021 that offer eye-catching elegance without breaking your bank account.

Diesel Mega Chief Chronograph Black Leather Men’s Watch

The Diesel Men’s Mega Chief Chronograph Black Leather Watch with model number DZ4323 is among the affordable Diesel timepieces that offer excellent precision and sophisticated aesthetics. Plus, its elegant black leather strap goes perfectly well with any clothes you wear, may it be a formal get-up or casual attire.

Furthermore, this Diesel Watch is a piece of jewelry that will give you a look and feel of luxury. Its band is made from calfskin leather, and it has a casing made from stainless steel. The notable features of this iconic watch offer a spectacular design while providing durability for everyday wear.

Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 Silicone Men’s Watch

If you want to look stunning wherever you go, then you should wear one of Diesel’s luxury watches, such as the Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 Silicone Watch. This timepiece has a model number DZ7370 and is specially designed for hardworking gentlemen. Besides affordability, this watch also features a unique aesthetic that every man will love.

In fact, its round-shaped stainless steel casing attached to a highly durable silicone rubber strap shows how manly and sophisticated a watch can be at the same time. On top of that, the size of this timepiece is just so perfect to every gent’s wrists, and it also resists water by up to 30 meters, making it the best choice for outdoor activities and the likes.

But wait, there still more! The Diesel’s DZ7370 also features an amazing gunmetal-toned dial that displays mixed indexes incorporated with gunmetal-colored hands that will let you tell time much easier than before! Thus, if you want to wear such an iconic watch anywhere you go, you must get one for yourself right now before it is out of stock in the market, again!

Diesel BAMF Chronograph Grey Dial Grey Ion-plated Men’s Watch

The third item on this list is the Diesel BAMF Chronograph Grey Dial Grey Ion-plated with model number DZ73474. This stunning watch is made of highly durable materials that are perfect for your everyday activities, whether indoor or outdoor. Its case comprises a grey dial with luminous skeleton-style hands that complements its overall aesthetic.

Aside from that, this timepiece also has a 55 mm stainless steel case with 13mm in height. The size of this classy timepiece is ideally made to fit any man’s wrist, adding extra elegance and wow factor every gents will love!

Mini Daddy Quartz Rose Gold Dial Men’s Watch

Another elegant yet budget-friendly Diesel timepiece is the Mini Daddy Quartz Rose Gold Dial designed for men. It has a model number DZ7318 and is popular because of its impressive specifications. On top of that, this watch has appealing aesthetics that match both formal suits in black shoes and jeans paired with a pair of sneakers.

With that said, this Diesel collection will add just enough luxury without being too overbearing, and it’ll still suit well with any clothes while also making everything look more elegant! Thus, if you’re among the fashionable gentlemen who want to stand out, this chronograph is the perfect choice for you. The stainless steel band with a touch of rose gold tone makes this timepiece look stunning with any outfit.


The Diesel Watch brand is known for being one of the most renowned names today when it comes to the timepiece line of business. This list includes different styles, specifications, and sizes that would perfectly match your needs at a particular event, occasion, or even on a daily basis.

As such, if you’re looking for a stunning yet affordable watch to be added to your collection this 2021, be sure not to miss out on the stylish pieces mentioned above! The functionality and unique aesthetic the Diesel watch offers will surely go beyond your expectations and make you love this brand more than you ever think of.

Reference: Tockhop

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