What is a Luminous Solar Panel? – Definition, Efficiency, and More


A luminous solar panel is a set of solar cells that can convert light straight into electricity.

Combining the capacity of numerous solar panels, and a part of the family is electricity needs can be cover.

At this time,  contingent on the type of panel, 5% to 19% is the light energy that can be converting into electricity.

This is known as the ” exit ” of the panel. As technology is continually being improving, the output should increase even more.

Using solar panels, you can change sunlight, which is free and infinite, into electricity.

This conversion is attaining thanks to the so-called “semiconductor” material from which each solar cell is manufacturing.

What is the Efficiency of Luminous Solar Panel?

To minimize consumption, and also it is advisable to choose the luminaires that provide the best performance, disregarding the classic incandescent bulbs.

Whose luminous efficiency is very low because although they are more expensive, they are always more profitable by requiring less electrical power.

Therefore, the luminous efficacy, the relation between the number of lumens that a lamp produces and the watts it consumes.

That will be the essential characteristic of lamps when choosing.

What are the Two Generations of Luminous Solar Panels?

The most used corporeal for solar cells is silicon.

This material can manufacture in three ways:

  • Monocrystalline silicon
  • Polycrystalline (or multi-crystalline) silicon
  • Thin film

These various forms harvest different types of solar panels with different prices, lifetimes, and results.

The first generation solar panels utilized monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon (yield 12-19%).

The solar panels of the second generation consist of solar cells made of amorphous silicon.

This name also smears solar panels based on other materials that have seemed on the market more recently.

such as

  • CIS (copper-indium-selenium)
  • CIS (copper-indium-gallium-selenium)
  • CdTe (cadmium telluride)

This second generation’s specific article is that it uses thin semiconductor layers (“thin films”).

And also, It explains why these panels are less expensive and more aesthetic, and have lower performance (5 to 11%).

What are the Features of Luminous Solar Panel?

They are typically used continuously throughout the year and starting from an ambient temperature of 28º C.

It is optimal that the water is at 24º C.

There is equipment on the market capable of operating without problems for one or several nights.

And of being fully recharged during the day in any weather (cloudy or sunny).

Apart from the functionality, there are other aspects to consider to guarantee the equipment’s adequacy and durability.

Among the factors to consider are fundamental:

1.      Mechanical resistance

Pavement tiles and signs must have adequate mechanical resistance to withstand heavyweights.

Most likely, some vehicles will drive over the equipment and if it is not capable of resisting it.

such as, It will be rendered useless with the consequent economic damage and its function.

2.      Resistance to UV rays

If plastic materials are using in manufacturing, and also they must be stable to the action of ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolet rays are a component of the Sun’s natural radiation that can weaken plastic structures until they become opaque and brittle.

There are plastics capable of resisting UV rays, the use of which must be required.

If it does not resist ultraviolet rays, the luminaire would break and be rendered useless in a matter of months.

3.      Waterproofing

The equipment’s external casing must be waterproof to prevent rainwater from reaching the electronic circuits and also rendering them useless, ruining the equipment.

4.      Resistance to high and low temperatures

The equipment must be able to function and demonstrate mechanical stability in both high and low-temperature conditions.

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