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Standard Slots that you should avoid 

by The Digital Trendz
Standard Slots

Standard Slots – There are some that players should do their best to avoid and play slots. Of course, everything is subjective but the chances are that most players will want to avoid some of the following slots – check out now.

What makes a good Standard Slot 

There are many slot types that players will encounter, things such as Megaways slots, infinity reels slots, video and classic slot games are just some of the slot variations that a player will come across. There are a few things which make for a good slot type, the main thing is that the slot offers a good chance for the player to build their bankroll in a fun and exciting way. For instance, Megaways took off because of the massive amount of paylines it offered players. 

Mistakes to Avoid 

Avoiding certain slot types is one thing but there are also some common mistakes which players should try to avoid making as well! 

  1. Betting too Much is something which can result in a lot of issues down the line. Slot gaming is incredibly fast paced, which means that it can sometimes be hard to track how much you have actually spent but sometimes players bet more than they need to because they feel it will result in a win. Betting more than necessary doesn’t improve your odds, the outcome of a spin is randomly generated thanks to the RTP of the slot.
  2. Not creating and sticking to a bankroll is also something which can come back to bite you in the future. While creating and sticking to a bankroll may be no fun, particularly in the early days, it will help you to better manage your winnings as well as stop you from making irresponsible gambling decisions. 

Standard Slots to Avoid

Slots are some of the most popular casino games. Despite this, there are still some types of slots which players should avoid, particularly if they are new to the game. 

  •       Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots can certainly be alluring for players, they have the potential to award the lucky winners a truly life changing sum of money. However the truth is that it is incredibly unlikely that a player will be able to win this jackpot type. Newer players should stay away from this slot type as it usually costs much more to enter, resulting in a player getting through their bankroll quickly if they are not careful. 

  •       Classic Slots

Although classic slots may be a nice nostalgic trip down memory lane, the fact is that many older slots simply do not hold up when compared to their modern counterparts. Classic slots have only three reels and one payline, making for an exciting game, particularly when you receive few payouts. Developers have even started to introduce intentionally retro designed slots which have the simple layout of a classic slot but coupled with modern features and graphics, making the classic slot even more redundant. 

In Summary 

Most players will want to avoid slot types which hamper their bankroll and don’t give them a good enough chance to build it up. Classic and progressive jackpot slots are just two types which can adversely affect a players bankroll.

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