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What is Underwater Welding? – About, Equipment and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is Underwater Welding? – About, Equipment and More - 2020


Underwater Welding involves mixing water with electricity.

This seems like a deadly combination; however, it works very well.

Divers protect themselves by wearing a neoprene suit and rubber gloves to avoid receiving an electric shock in this water welding process.

It is almost impossible for them to be electrocuted since they use direct current instead of alternating current becomes mortal.

Underwater welders can work in high ocean depths to meet the high demand of the energy sector.

When discussing this type of Welding in a dry environment, it refers to applying Welding in an environment free of humidity.

This type is obtaining by supporting auxiliary equipment as chambers or containers that allow water to isolate the piece to Welding while submerged.

What is the Equipment for Underwater Welding?

1.      Electric Cables

They must be flexible and insulated, but the deeper must be taking into account.

The diameter must be more generous to tolerate the pressure.

In some cases, two cables are using to compensate for the absence of a thick diameter.

Torches and Electrode Holders

2.      Protective Glass

Underwater Welding produces ultraviolet rays on the surface, which is why a dark glass is used that can be added outside the diver’s helmet or as part of it.

3.      Safety Switches

They are used to allow the passage of current only at the moment when Welding.

4.      Electric Current Generators

Depending on the required power, from 300 to 600 amps, are used.

However, in the case of the latter, two machines are almost always using in parallel.

And also, For underwater Welding, a direct current (DC) with natural polarity is cast-off.

Which is obtained by connecting the negative terminal (-) of the welding machine to the electrode holder and the positive terminal (+) to the toothed earth connection clamp.

What are the Types of Underwater Welding?

Underwater Welding is dividing into two types.

1. Wet Welding

It is one in which the welder has direct contact with water.

This means that the electric arc does not have a barrier for water.

And also, It is considering to be a more straightforward and more practical process comparing to dry subsea Welding.

In this case, it should be famous that this type of Welding uses direct current.

Which stands out for presenting movement charges in the same direction.

Also, it has a coating that is responsible for protecting all materials.

2. Dry Welding

It is in a dry area that will allow the welder to operate in an environment free of moisture.

This means. That where the union of the elements will take place does not open the presence of water.

Such as, It can be done in three ways.

a)      Dry habitat welding

With this welding method, the diver will be in a dry environment.

This must be injecting in gas under pressure in the area to dislodge the water.

b)      Dry chamber welding

In this case, it is also in an area where there is no presence of moisture.

The diver carries out the welding process with his shoulders and head in the chamber.

c)       Drypoint welding

In drypoint welding, the professional only use the arms for the welding process.

3. Automated Underwater Welding

The last method is automating Welding.

This does not require the direct participation of professionals.

They control everything through a team.

What is the Earning by Underwater Welding?

Working as an underwater welder has its advantages, the fee they receive for performing this welding process.

It requires prior experience, applying a series of techniques and standards for the correct and danger-free elaboration in this type of Welding. That is why working as an underwater welder is a high paying job.

The average and approximate salary of welders is $ 100,000, which is equivalent to about € 90,000.

This also depends on the projects they carry out, the jobs they accept, and even the place.

If it is considering that it is a place where the danger is more generous, of course, the pay will be higher.

In short, carrying out the underwater welding process requires specific skills and knowledge.

It is not a job to be carring out lightly and also is essential for repairs and construction on the water.


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