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Who is the Father of a Computer? – Introduction, Quotes and Machines

by The Digital Trendz
Who is the Father of a Computer? – Introduction, Quotes and Machines

Who is the Father of a Computer


Charles Babbage  FRS  Teig mouth, Devons hire, Great  Britain 26  of December of 1 791  – October 18,  1 871 ) was a British mathematician and  SCIENTIFIC of the computation. Designed and also partially implemented a steam engine, from mechanical differences to calculate tables of numbers. He also designed, and but never built, the analytical engine for executing tabulation or computer programs.

The first computer was the analytical engine created by Charles Babbage, a mathematical professor at the University of Cambridge in the 19th century. The idea that Charles Babbage had about a computer was born because the elaboration of the mathematical tables was a tedious process and prone to errors. In 1823 the British government supported him to create a different machine, a mechanical device to carry out repeated additions.

“Father of Computation,” Charles Babbage FRS (Teignmouth, Devonshire, Great Britain, the 26 of December 1791 – London, the 18 of October 1871) and is considered a British mathematician computer scientist.

Babbage was an astronomy professor at the Royal Institution and then a member of the Royal Society in 1816. From 1812 he had the idea of ​​making automatic calculations with a machine’s help to eliminate the errors due to fatigue and boredom suffered by people in charge of compiling—the mathematical tables of the time.

This machine is considering the first computer, but Babbage could never fully build it. He had no financial or political help for it. A mathematician Lady Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron, became interested in the invention, promoted it, and wrote several programs for it. She is considered the first computer programmer in history.

What are the Famous Quotes of our Father of a computer?

Charles Babbage was born 228 years ago. Six quotes from the father of the computer

In these six quotes, Babbage’s thought is condensing.

” As soon as an Analytical Engine exists, it will necessarily guide the future course of science.”

“The mistakes made using inappropriate data are much smaller than those made using no data at all.”

“The difference between a tool and a machine is not very precise; nor is it necessary, in a popular explanation of those terms, to limit their acceptance very strictly.”

What are the Machines invent by our Father of Computer?

1. Differential Machine

The first was the Differential Machine, a device of 15 tons and 25,000 mechanical parts that fulfill the function of calculating polynomial functions for navigation. The second was the Analytical Engine, which he design around 1837 and try unsuccessfully to build for the next 30 years until he died in 1871.

The Differential Machine was like a calculator, an instrument that served a single function, which calculates polynomial functions. The Analytical Engine was a computer, hardware that could fulfill multiple functions, depending on the software made to run. It was the first design for a programmable computer.

2. Analytical Machine

For Babbage, putting together his Analytical Engine required developing each of the parts himself rather than merely placing them together in his new design. It was the result of there being no technological ecosystem around him in which to distribute the work. Inevitably, it failed.

In 2011, British scientists embarked on a project to build it. When they finish it in 2021 (the 150th anniversary of Babbage’s death), and they expect it to have 675 bytes of memory and a speed of 7hz.

Babbage’s case is engaging in an age when we tend to celebrate geniuses with disruptive ideas. And the reality of innovation is much more pedestrian and less individualistic.

It is a collaborative project, where someone opens a door, and it leads to other entries. This Geniuses, far ahead of their time, lack fertile ground to prosper. It was the case of Charles Babbage and his Analytical Engine, the first computer in history.

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