What is Ashok Leyland lorry? – Introduction, Services, and More


Ashok Leyland Lorry, a world-class manufacturer of trucks, buses, and engines, is designing cleaner engines.

Having worked in emission control for many years, we are ideally positioning to cooperate with your new generation of engines.

Ashok Leyland Lorry is the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India.

Ashok Leyland Lorry is one of the most fully integrated manufacturing companies on this side of the globe.

More than 70 million passengers use Ashok Leyland buses to reach their destinations each day, while more than 700,000 trucks keep the wheels of the economy moving.

Ashok Leyland helps maintain secure borders.

Our solution is resistant to both shock and vibration and provides reliable operation.

Ashok Leyland now has a compliant motor and a high-tech, top-performance solution that is exceptionally reliable in the application.

What are the Services given by Ashok Leyland Lorry?

To provide you with various services

  • Sale of trucks and buses of the prestigious brand ASHOK LEYLAND
  • Experience in service and support in spare parts for sedans, trucks and buses for renowned brands such as: Mercedes Benz / Yeep / Dodge / RAM / Chrysler / Audi / Hyundai / Kia Toyota / Freightliner / International / Detroit / Cummins
  • Sale of spare parts and services
  • Technical assistance for multi-brand vehicles
  • Soon service
  • Revised vehicular
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Competitive prices and guarantee
  • Sheet metal, painting, and detailing services
  • Special orders for parts

What are the Associations of Ashok Leyland Lorry?

Associations are Hino Motors In the early 1980s.

Ashok Leyland began a collaboration with the Japanese company Hino Motors, from which the technology for the H-series engines was obtaining.

And they also met India’s BS2, BS3, and BS4 emission standards.

  1. Japan entered into a Mutual Cooperation Agreement (MCA) on November 27, 2017, renewing its cooperation agreement in 1986.
  2. Rosoboronexport and ELCOM Ashok Leyland Defense Systems (ALDS), Russia’s Rosoboronexport.
  3. The ELCOM Group have signed a defense business cooperation agreement to provide tracked vehicles to the Indian Armed Forces.

The partnership resulted in Ashok Leyland launching the “Cargo” truck range based on European Ford Cargo trucks.

The Cargo went into production in 1994, at Ashok Leyland’s new plant in Hosur, southeast Bengaluru.

And also, The Cargo is initially introducing in versions of 7 and 9 long tons (7,100 and 9,100 kg).

Subsequently, heavy-duty models from 15 to 26 long tons (15,200 to 26,400 kilograms) were phased.

What are the Products provided by Ashok Leyland Lorry?

1.      Buses

a.       Current scope

  • TCM
  • 12M
  • 12M

Viking leopard Eagle Electric bus Freedom Hawk Hawk Hybus JanBus Janus is the world’s first single-pass front-engined bus introduced by Ashok Leyland.

And also, Lynx My TR Ashok Leyland MiTR (or MiTR ) is a minibus manufactured by Ashok Leyland in a joint venture with Nissan.

The vehicle was unveiled in January 2014 during the 12th Auto Expo 2014 and launched in July 2014.

b.      oyster 12M

  • RE
  • RULE

Sunshine Titan In 1968, the Leyland Titan production ceased in Great Britain, but it was restarted by Ashok Leyland in India.

Whereas, The Ashok Leyland Titan was very successful and continued in production for many years.

A passenger body built on a truck chassis sold in large numbers to many operators in India.

2.      Trucks

a.       Current scope

  • 1618
  • 2518
  • 2214 8×2
  • 3116 8×4
  • 3118T 8×4
  • 3121 8×4

Whereas, Another 15 models were establishing to enter the market in the next 12 months.

It is available in the range from 8T to 14T. It is available with two engine options, 120 IL (LE) and 130 CRS (LX), and this is the first time such an engine has been offering in this range of trucks.

3.      Light vehicles

a.       Current scope


The Dost is a 1.25 ton light commercial vehicle (LCV) that is the first product launched by the Indian-Japanese commercial vehicle joint venture Ashok Leyland Nissan Vehicles.

Dost is powering by a 58hp high torque 3-cylinder turbocharged standard rail diesel engine and has a payload capacity of 1.25 tonnes.

It is available in BS3 and BS4 versions.

LCV is producing at the Ashok Leyland Hosur plant in Tamil Nadu.

The LCV is available in three versions.

With the launch of Dost Ashok, Leyland has now entered the light commercial vehicle segment in India.

What are the International Operations and Exports of Ashok Leyland Lorry?

Export summary Commercial vehicle exports contribute a seven percent share of Ashok Leyland’s total revenue.

The company plans to increase this stake between 30% and 38% in the next five years.

And also, This company has a strong market presence in SAARC countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Middle Eastern countries, where it exports between 3,600 and 4,000 units per year.

The company has an assembly unit, mainly for buses, in Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates to serve the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

This unit currently assembles 4,000 units, which the company plans to increase to 6,000 units.

For example, Exports to countries Ashok Leyland exports medium and heavy commercial vehicles to the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

What is the way of Finance to Ashok Leyland Lorry?

Ashok Leyland Corporate Building in Guindy, Chennai The company has maintained its good track record for 60 years.

The company’s annual revenue was $ 3.2 billion in 2016-17.

Selling 140,457 light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles in 2016-17, Ashok Leyland was one of India’s largest exporters of medium and heavy duty trucks.

It is also one of India’s largest private-sector employers, with approximately 12,000 employees working in 9 factories and offices around the world.

The company did not declare dividends for the 2013-14 financial year, which is also the first in its 60-year history.

The company has increased its rated capacity to 105,000 vehicles per year.

Other investment plans include installing two new plants.

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