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A look at Calendar Apps for Teams

by The Digital Trendz

We are now living in a digital era where businesses cannot operate effectively without both consistency and effective collaboration. Businesses must now meet much tougher customer expectations, and stakeholder expectations and, at the same time, create a good stream of return on investments. However, this cannot be achieved if the team tasked to do all of these has difficulties communicating through their corporate networks or even effectively managing their schedules.

This is where a good calendar app for Teams comes in. The best applications will have been designed and coded in such a way that communication between the various members of a team is streamlined and also provide several other features. With a calendar app for Teams, you can automatically sync documents, and at the same time, integrate the app with Office 365.

A shared calendar is crucial, especially for a team working on the same project. Through the app, crucial milestones, dates, and events can be communicated to every member of the team. In this post, we look in detail at what the calendar app for Teams is and the role it plays in increasing the productivity of a business.

Calendar app for Teams: The basics

Collaboration cannot be streamlined in any work environment if no one knows what fellow group members are doing when team members are free to schedule meetings or when important deadlines are. The calendar app for Teams makes all these possible by allowing users to schedule meetings and select the members who are expected to attend. The app comes with a Scheduling Assistant which helps you identify the most suitable time when most (or all) of the expected attendees will be free.

If you regularly hold meetings with the same team, you can create a group calendar. This calendar will be shared with every member of the group and used to communicate important dates and events. Using the calendar app for Teams is much more effective as employees can operate using Teams exclusively instead of switching between various calendars to see upcoming events or meetings.

How the Calendar App for Teams enhances collaboration

Without collaboration in an organization, major operations will be hampered which eventually will put a dent in productivity. The calendar app for Teams brings together all group collaboration applications, lowering the time spent working using multiple windows which can be cumbersome.

Group members can easily check the meetings they are required to attend without having to ask colleagues either in chats or emails. You can also use the app to find the most suitable time that all members are free and then schedule a meeting.

Tips for using the calendar app for Teams

The following tips can help you get the most out of the Teams application

  •       Set it on repeat — schedule meetings that happen at the same time and day every week. This informs team members in advance that on a specific day there is a meeting they are scheduled to attend. Select the “Repeat” option to set the calendar on repeat.
  •       Set aside a “no meetings” time — if you want the members of your team to be productive, you need to give them some uninterrupted work time. you can use the calendar app for Teams to schedule this time so that your employees can focus on important tasks.


The calendar app for Teams has been a game-changer for several business organizations, allowing for effective employee collaboration—which in turn boosts productivity. You too can enhance collaboration within your workforce by adopting the use of this great application.

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