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What is Data Design? – Definition, Role, Advantages and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is Data Design? – Definition, Advantages and More - 2021

Definition-Data Design

We live in a digitalize world where vast amounts of data are produce every day. But what does this data mean? What do they say, and how can they be used to find solutions? Those with access to information can visually contextualize it and ask the right questions to help shape our future. It requires critical and curious people.

Our existing space and the way we live, connect and act together are continually changing. Data, as well as its visualization, provide an essential basis for representing and understanding these phenomena.

Whether it is cultural coexistence, education, health, business or research, new questions, and action areas are emerging. Visualization of spatial data models is an essential prerequisite for discussion. We can visualize the interactions between society, business, and science and make it tangible through innovative research and presentation forms.
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What is the Role of a Data Design?

The role of the data design is to untangle the data web and create clear visual information. However, the data artist takes inspiration from real data and experiments with new forms of presentation. The mixture of data design and data art creates inspiring and engaging visual information and spatial interactions.

Data Design

First, data designers are critical of observing and analyzing a wide range of data phenomena. They understand how to interpret them, visually structure and communicate on paper, virtually, or space. In this way, they help shape social, business, and political decision-making processes.

Data Art

Second, data scientists experiment with future-oriented forms of analog and digital representation and transmission of data-driven information. They take advantage of the variety and complexity of large amounts of data to use physical and virtual spaces. In it, they guide the visual-auditory passage through the worlds of tactile data and make them tangible with all senses.

Counting Data

Information presented in a narrative form reveals relationships and sustainably conveys knowledge. The viewer works intensively with the given content. The artifact is to “application to the senses without exhausting the mind” (based on Alexander von Humboldt, 1811). Counting data means conveying information contextually and engagingly, making it emotionally tangible.

What are the Advantages of Data Design?

A Data Design carried out correctly provides us with fundamental advantages.

  • It allows us to save space , through optimized database design and without duplicate data.
  • It helps us preserve the data’s accuracy and integrity and that information is not lost.
  • And also, Extremely streamline access and data processing.

What are the Principles of Data Design?

For our database to be efficient and respond to requirements, it is necessary to follow a series of principles that should guide the database design process.

Efficient Organization of Tables

The fundamental units of the database. Even though, each table is made up of rows, also called records, and columns, known as fields. Yet, Only one type of information (logical part) should be store in the areas.
Furthermore, data that calculations on other data can obtain should not be stored.

Design of primary keys and foreign keys

Primary keys (or PK) are columns that uniquely identify each row and allow relationships between tables to be built. Primary keys can never have a null or duplicate value. And also,  On the other hand, foreign keys must correspond to the tables’ primary keys to which they relate.

Design of the relationships between tables

It can be one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many. Relationships allow information to be organized between different tables, optimizing the available space.
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