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How Does Facebook Target Us With Ads and What Can We Do to Stop It?

by The Digital Trendz
Facebook Target Us With Ads and What Can We Do to Stop It - 2022

Facebook – If you’re an avid [Facebook] user, you’ve undoubtedly seen Facebook ads frequently. You’ve also probably noticed they target you based on your Google searches and pages you follow on Facebook. From this information, you can conclude that Facebook has access to your search engine.

Yes, Facebook will ban sensitive targeting based on religion, race, origin, and politics. But targeting its audience with ads based on benign research like products you look for, destinations you research because you want to visit them, restaurants, and other establishments you’re interested in.

On top of that, if you, for example, start playing online casino games and visit online casino websites like Captain Cooks Casino, chances are, Facebook will target you with ads for other casinos and their welcome bonuses you can claim.

Now, how can we prevent these ads from popping up? If you are interested in stopping [Facebook] from targeting you and securing your internet safety, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll dedicate this text to presenting you with an easy guide on how to increase your online safety and internet security yourself to prevent unnecessary ads from appearing.

Three ways to stop Facebook from Targeting you with ads  

Here are three easily-implementable ways that can help you increase your online safety and stop [Facebook] from targeting you with ads:   

  1. Once a month, see whether there’s a data breach 

Data breaches happen very often. A data breach is a sort of a “leak” of your info and data to a third party. In this case, this third party is [Facebook]. Therefore, check for data breaches regularly and prevent them at their core. 

  1. Invest in a VPN service

Indeed, implementing a VPN service may be a bit costly, but it will give you full protection from Facebook sifting through your browsing history. A VPN service is a protective layer between Facebook’s server and your server, hiding your IP address from Facebook.

  1. Don’t share everything on Facebook

Even if you set your [Facebook] posts to “private,” they’re still out there. Whatever you upload to [Facebook], their server will have access to it. Therefore, don’t share everything like your personal info, address, phone number, and more on Facebook. 

Closing Remarks  

Hopefully, our guide has helped you. As you can see, your internet safety is essential, and you should always invest in enhancing it. It does not take a lot of effort or investment and provides you with a far greater pay-off in the end.   

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