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What is Youtube? – Introduction, Founder, Uses, and More

by The Digital Trendz


YouTube is a website planned for sharing videos. Millions of users around the world have make accounts on the site, which allows them to upload videos that can be viewed by anybody. More than 35 hours of movie are uploaded to YouTube each minute of every day.

Video files can be huge and are often large enough to send to someone else via email. When posting a video on YouTube, you can share it with another person by simply sending them a URL “link,” the “address” of the appropriate Internet page.

When YouTube was created in 2005, it aimed for people to post and share creative video content. But it has since become an archive for storing favorite clips, songs, and jokes and a marketing site for businesses to promote their products.

Who is the Founder of YouTube?

YouTube was founded in 2005 by three PayPal employees, Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen

In 2006, YouTube was recognized by Google. The purchase price in shares was around EUR 1.31 billion

What are the Uses of  YouTube?

What are the Uses of  YouTube_

There are various channels that users can subscribe to not miss any news from the respective channel.

In addition to self-made videos by YouTube users, films or film trailers and documentaries will also provide.

There is also a large selection of music videos and comedy shows. Many videos are also merely for entertainment or self-portraits.

Viewers of a video have the opportunity to leave a comment or rate videos with an “I like” or “I don’t like it at all.”

In 2007, special programming introduced through which video channel operators could earn money with uploaded videos.

Registered users can also upload and publish their videos, provided they have created their channels.

Youtube offers a version of the YouTube app for children: YouTube Kids.

The app enables access to a mostly harmless selection and for children attractive videos from the entire range of YouTube.

What are multi-channel networks of youTube?

So-called multi-channel networks (MCN) developed in which the companies contract several YouTube channels.

The channels are financial or conceptually supported by the companies and receive help with marketing and product development.

The merging of several channels still offers the YouTubers the advantage of gaining more reach and clicks of their videos through cross-promotion and increasing their advertising income.

What are the Advantages of YouTube?

YouTubers get the advantage of gaining more clicks on their videos through cross-promotion and thus increasing their advertising income.

YouTube has now brought out many stars who have developed into role models and idols of their young audiences, mainly via the Internet.

So what is it that fascinates young people about YouTube besides the advantages already mentioned

The platform offers a massive range of different genres and topics and leaves nothing to be desired.

If users are looking for instructions on how to build an individual shelf,

It offers a variety of helpful videos.

Similarly, for example, fitness workouts are offered on it, making it possible to do sports free of charge within your own four walls.

So it is not just a way to be entertained, but a social platform that offers a helpful video for many purposes in addition to comedy and music.

While television has many restrictions in terms of time, space and is mainly entertaining,

Whereas YouTube leaves you free to choose the “when” and “where” and mostly the “what.”

What Type of Videos is on YouTube?


In the field of beauty and lifestyle, YouTubers mainly deal with so-called “tutorials” in which they present the latest braided hairstyles or make-up trends and show viewers how they can recreate them.

But tutorials are also viral in other areas.

For example, some tutorials teach you how to play the guitar or piano, tutorials relating to technical areas of application such as PowerPoint or Photoshop, baking instructions, and much more.


At Pranks, other people are made fun of and filmed with hidden cameras, similar to the TV format “Hidden Camera.”

There are different types of pranks.

They are very popular among YouTube couples.

Even if YouTubers always portray pranks as humorous, serious issues (e.g., outing as homosexual, abortion) are softening ridiculed.

Pranks should appear real to the audience but will often pose.

“Hauls,” in which the mostly female YouTubers present and recommend their latest achievements.

For be it care products, make-up or the latest clothes – are also very popular.


YouTubers face various challenges in challenges.

Challenges often become online trends.

In addition to YouTube stars, they are then also copied by young users and

shared and distributed on YouTube or other social networks.

For example, the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” which some big stars called for in

2014, became famous.

However, there are also some dangerous challenges, for example, the “Kiki do you love me Challenge” (young people dance next to a moving car)

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