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The Primary Advantages of Building Automation and Controls

by The Digital Trendz
The Primary Advantages of Building Automation and Controls

Automation and control systems provide a great way to leverage the latest technology to maintain the most comfortable, secure, and energy-efficient environment possible. Using state-of-the-art systems allowing a person to control virtually any system in a building from one centralized location, this technology provides numerous advantages that improve both efficiency and safety. Below are some primary advantages.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Automated building systems conserve energy consumption by streamlining the management of its usage efficiently. These systems are programmed to automatically adjust lighting, temperature, and other utilities based on occupancy or time of day. This ensures energy is only used when needed and not wasted.

Also, automated systems are often more precise than manual operations, meaning less energy is wasted. For example, automated HVAC systems regulate the temperature to within one degree and keep it constant without human intervention. Also, building automation and controls are set to detect when rooms are unoccupied and shut off the HVAC accordingly, further reducing energy consumption.

Greater Safety and Security

Safety and security become much easier to maintain when a building is automated and controlled. Automated control systems allow all of the building’s doors, windows, and other areas to be monitored from one location. This makes it much easier for people in charge to identify potential breaches or issues with the property quickly.

Security cameras can also be easily integrated with the system and monitored remotely, allowing people to monitor what’s happening without going into a building physically. In addition, many automated systems come equipped with motion sensors that automatically sound an alarm if any suspicious activity is detected.

Improved Comfort and Control

Automated building control also improves comfort levels for the people inside. Systems automatically regulating temperature, lighting, and air quality keeps conditions more consistent than manual systems. This reduces fluctuations in hot or cold spots in buildings, making it easier to maintain optimal comfort.

In addition, automation makes it much easier to adjust settings or customize them on the fly. With a few clicks on a computer or smartphone, a person responsible for the building can override its default settings and make changes according to their preference without manually adjusting each system individually.

Enhanced Green Building Attributes

Due to the automated features of these systems, it is much easier for a building to attain and maintain green building certifications. Automated control systems can be set to ensure that energy consumption is low and resources are used efficiently. This makes attaining and maintaining green building certification much easier than manual operation.

Moreover, automated systems can also track the indoor air quality of a building, which helps it achieve LEED points. Additionally, some automation systems allow people to remotely conduct maintenance on certain equipment, minimizing the need for physical inspection trips and reducing the building’s environmental impact.

Reduced Operational Costs

Operational costs are typically much lower when a building is automated and controlled. Automation systems reduce the need for manual labor, which helps save on payroll costs and provides greater control over energy use, which reduces utility bills. The improved efficiency that comes with automation also reduces the time needed for maintenance and repairs, further reducing costs.

Automation and controls offer many advantages that make buildings more efficient, secure, and sustainable. Automation provides greater control over energy consumption, improved safety and security, enhanced green building attributes, and reduced operational costs. Thus, it is evident that investing in automated systems is beneficial for any business or organization.

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