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What is Pandorum Technologies? – About, Film, Success and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is Pandorum Technologies? – About, Film, Success and More

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‘Pandorum Technologies’ places us in a dystopian future, but maybe not far from the real one.

The Earth suffers from such an excess of population that it is necessary to migrate to other planets.

The protagonists wake up from an induced lethargy, aboard a ship, with a recent memory problem.

They do not know what their mission is, although they do maintain their skills.

The first thing they will have to do is search the ship for other human beings, but what they will find will surprise, disgust, and terrify them in equal measure.

Something extraordinary has happened this year, which is being the most mediocre on the other hand (in the film).

Three films are with love, honesty, and talent (to a different extent), elaborate stories about aliens, ships, and space terrors that go beyond the usual.


‘Pandorum’ is, in short, a film that manages to distinguish itself from others with equivalent claims, worthy of the label of its genre.

Which maintains tension throughout its entire length and provides some quite refreshing final surprises.

It is recommending for science fiction lovers, except for those who do not tolerate interludes of psychological internalization.

The film has two very different aspects: the first is one in which the scares lead us to a very primary terror, and the action energizes a film that could be suspending, as is the ship that serves as the stage.

The other side brings us much more leisurely moments, in which the characters are alone, isolated, and, sometimes, even cut off.

For me, all these impasses are fascinating and are charging with a subtle tension that prevents them from going long. The claustrophobic atmosphere is very successful.

The passage from one aspect to another is not strident.

The combination of both is enriching since each of them could have been tiresome by itself.

However, I think that coincidences are more formal than conceptual.

The situation on board a space transport of limited dimensions makes the planes of one proposal very immediately reminiscent of others’.

Of all of them, the one that I consider to be the most similar is ‘Final Horizon’ (‘Event Horizon’), due to revelations of the plot that for now it is better to hide.


A great success of the script is that there are many unknowns, which are solved little by little from the beginning.

In this way, Christian Alvart makes you always intrigued, wanting to know the answers, like the characters themselves, lost in a labyrinthine and infernal ship.

Although all of them resolve, there is an open question such as its tons, which is a perfect idea.

It is exasperating when in a movie, they hide data from you, and then, at one point.

Pandorum technologies, they give you all the information at once, chew up as if we were idiots.

Technologies Used

Pandorum Technologies, It has a very inelegant explanation, and it is that Alvart had the intention of shooting a prequel.

It will not happen due to the poor results at the box office of ‘Pandorum'(which, by the way, cost “only” 40 million dollars).

Although it seems unfair to me that other things, much worse, reach extensive collections.

The German director’s film works better when there are mysteries, when we don’t know everything.

Now taking out a prequel that would answer all the questions seems like a bad idea to me.

As for a sequel, yes, the door is open for it, but I highly doubt the public will be interested in a sequel.

It would be good if, at some point, you only think of a movie and not trilogies or sagas.

It would return a little magic to the matter, every day more a pure business.

Mostly inspired is Ben Foster, an actor who has not lacked work in Hollywood for years.

They always need someone for the typical roles of crazy or deranged.

In ‘Pandorum’brings to life, a character who is far remove from what he usually does, resulting in a very successful casting choice

But in the end, everything is forgiven.

Because the successes weigh more when you leave the cinema.

In short, it is an honest film, to disconnect and entertain yourself, with a different proposal (and if not, look at the rest of the premieres), that’s a lot, right now.

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