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What is TV Logistics? – About, Optimisation and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is TV Logistics? – About, Optimisation and More - The Digital Trendz


TV Logistics does not appear in general information newspapers, television channels, and radio channels.

This is a sad reality for a sector that accounts for 5.5% of GDP and employs 850,000 people.

Below, I reproduce the reflection that I have read on this matter in Group Reputation.

Because I strongly agree with the expressed thesis

What is the Optimization of reverse TV Logistics?

In supply chain management, it is only recently that particular interest has been giving to product recovery processes.

Although reverse logistics may not be their core business, the companies realized that it is an essential process within the organization.

It allows them to reuse their products’ inputs and place them back on the market as reconditioned.

Since they can save costs in recovering the returned product, comply with environmental management’s legal aspects, and improve customer service for return claims.

It is about Reverse Logistics as opposed to Direct Logistics.

Even more so when we speak of electronic equipment given in loan to the client and that has to be recovered.

Once the clients terminate the company’s service link specifically for Satellite TV.

The companies that provide the Satellite TV service, unlike cable, use devices called decoders.

That receive the digital signal from the satellite and transmit it to the televisions.

They must be recovering once the customer’s service contract ends, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

And ensure that decoders are reconditioning least expensively.

The problem with reverse logistics is that there is no current process that is optimal both in improving the recovery rate and generating more savings while minimizing unnecessary flow and expenses.

What is Audiovisual Tv logistics?

From the mythical One, Two, Three to the current Operation, television video libraries keep tapes and preserve historical memory.

Television is experiencing a time of transition between the analog and digital era.

Many questions accompany this moment in which old modes and formats coexist with the most innovative technologies for the production, broadcasting, and storage of audiovisual content.

·         A warehouse in motion

The enormous diversity of thematic content and program formats produced by television -information, contests, live shows, or magazines.

It makes the demand require all the company resources from Betacam SP tapes, the base of the analog storage of images and sounds.

The new digital media, CD-ROM, DVE, or Betacam SX, through written documentation, data, photographs, or music.

And all of them must be storing in the best possible conditions.

·         Image distribution

Many television networks have also opened a line of business with the commercial exploitation of their archives.

In Spain, practically all national or regional televisions maintain an image sales service.

The average price per minute is between 240 and 300 euros in the national market.

And about 360 euros for international customers.

It must be adding a fix amount for technical expenses for the use of booths, viewing tapes, search, location in the archive, movement of the videos, relocation, etc.

And also, If courier systems are using for transport, they are billed separately or pay at the destination.

These rates typically include a single-use on a national channel in a period not exceeding one year.

Depending on the specific use going to each image or each program, the cost can increase considerably.

·         Goodbye to 365 lines

The arrival of digital technologies is changing audiovisual processes.

From journalists to filmmakers, everyone is trying to adapt to 21st-century television from the editing room to the video library from production to sale.

Pedro Barbadillo, director of the Graphic production company and reports for Spanish and European channels, travels the world with his laptop.

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