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How to Record WhatsApp Calls? – Methods

by The Digital Trendz
How to Record WhatsApp calls? – Methods - the Digital Trendz

Here are some ways to record WhatsApp calls on your phone, including Messenger, Skype, and Telegram.

However, we repeat that you must be aware of the law, recording the ring without the caller’s knowledge even if he knows it may be illegal.

There are many of these call recording apps available for Android.

Many of them are well known to many users.

Since some do not give us this function with the messaging app, fortunately, there are some with which it is possible.


1.     Record screen

One option is to use the native screen recording of your cell phone, which will allow you to record sound and images.

Consider that it will be recording in MP4 format and the video, but you can convert that clip into MP3 format using an additional app.

2.     Use the Cube ACR app

You can download Cube ACR from Google Play and Apple Store.

The app is free in trial mode, and if you want more options, choose the premium subscription charged to your Telcel Invoice.

Download and open Cube ACR

Grant the corresponding permissions

When you start a call, the app will automatically open, asking if you want to record it.

If you want to know more tips like these, keep an eye on HolaTelcel’s notes and surprise your friends with all your knowledge of technology.

3.     Screenshot apps

An easy way to record WhatsApp calls and the like is to use screen recording apps.

They can record the VoIP call’s sound and your voice, thus obtaining a video file with the inserted audio.

One of the ones we recommend is Xrecorder, but any other will do.

To record audio, the audio option must be checking on each recording.

Then put the WhatsApp call on the speaker, and Rec will record your voice and that of the person you are calling.

It is valid for recording video calls on WhatsApp.

4.     Using another mobile phone

It is an option that always works, and it is also the way to ensure that the recording takes place no matter what happens.

To do this, plug in the speaker during the call and record the audio with another device.

Place the second mobile phone near the phone that receives the call and move closer to it so that your voice is recording correctly – you will have the call recording without any complications.

This way of recording audio is universal (but unprofessional), so you can use it on any phone and any call.

It is not the best option, but it can get you out of a tight spot quickly.

5.     Rec. (Screen Recorder)

A well-known application when it comes to recording audio on Android.

We can use it to record audio in general or to record calls, also on WhatsApp.

One of the significant advantages of this app is that it has an easy-to-use interface.

So you will never have problems when using it.

You have to check the audio box so that the app will take care of recording audio whenever you want.

Very comfortable to use, without too many complications in this regard.

Downloading this application on Android is free.

6.     Call recording – ACR

Another of these Android applications, the best known when it comes to recording calls.

This app’s operation, which we can use straightforwardly to record calls on WhatsApp, has no complications.

It uses an interface that is very comfortable for the user.

So you know where are the functions that the app has available at all times.

It is also an app that stands out for having a vast number of additional functions available.

So there may be users who can take advantage of it beyond its use in WhatsApp.

Among others, we can add notes to the recordings we make on the phone.

Downloading this application for Android is free.

It depends on each user of the app.

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