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How to Hack a Mobile Phone without any Software?

by The Digital Trendz
How to Hack a Mobile Phone without any Software? - The Digital Trendz

1.      SpyToApp

SpyToApp is the next generation to hack a mobile phone spy software.

Notify your child or employee will be monitoring.

Then install the test application directly on compatible android phones you own and want to follow.

SpyToApp allows you to monitor any WhatsApp conversations on the target phone and see a complete history of your conversations.

All information observing on WhatsApp will be providing by accessing your SpyToApp online control panel.

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·      Business monitor


Some employees use cell phones for individual purposes during working hours and could reveal their secret business plan company s opponents companies.

SpyToApp is very convenient to track employees’ activities during work time.

·         Protect your family

The more developed society becomes, the increase in social ills are.

Social ills have many negative influences not only on adults but also on children.

SpyToApp Cell Phone Tracking Software allows easy monitoring of your child’s mobile phone use.

  • Securing your mobile phone

Today, smartphones are widely using.

You often store your essential personal and business plan information on your mobile phone.

Therefore, It’s a disaster if your mobile is stolen or lost or broken by accident.

There are essential things and precious data stored and managed on the cell phone.

Used not only for communication but also for work, entertainment, and many other purposes.

You can use SpyToApp to track your cell phone for data backup or lost track smartphone.


If you want to spy on a cell phone, it is necessary to install SpyToApp on the target phone (not install on your cell phone) and follow-up by phone, tablet, or computer.

Step 1

Download SpyToApp APK (download link here: http://Android.spytoapp.com ) and install SpyToApp on the target phone.

Step 2

Call # 1111 * Open SpyToApp from the application and register with your email account.

Step 3

Go to http://My.spytoapp.com/CP/ and log in with your track-monitored mobile phone account.


Please wait for 15 ′ for the first time to update the data.

You can change this time synchronization in your account settings.


1. Install & Commissioning

Download & install SpyToApp on your track cell phone.

SpyToApp’s installation process is a breeze and fast, just your device connected to the Internet.

2. Buy SpyToApp Tracking App

Once your payment is complete, your account license is self-updating, and instructions on installing SpyToApp will arrive by email.

3. Start checking

Log in to your own Control Panel to get complete information about all user actions on a track of your target device: call recorder, text messages, GPS locations, via WhatsApp, Viber, .. & Web activities.

– Access device s contacts, calendar, and notes.

– Remotely uninstall or lock.

– Access all photos and videos.

– Monitor device health and status.

– Track Viber chats.

– Use a GPS locator as a tracking device.

– Records of all sent and received emails.

– Snapchat spy.

– Hack yahoo messenger.

– Access the device’s camera to take photos.

– Record all incoming and outgoing calls.

– Hack Facebook messages.

– Spy call recording.

– Access to all visited websites, as well as history.

– Spy on all sent and received text messages.

– Spy on Kik messages.

– Track messages and BBM messages.

– Spy WhatsApp messages.


It is the best hacking mobile phone software for Android smartphones.

MaxxSpy is easy to hack a mobile phone ,install on the phone you want to monitor.

This state of the art application works in stealth mode, which means that it will never be find on the target cell phone.

MaxxSpy is the latest Samsung phone tracker platform as it monitors location even when traditional GPS based apps don’t.

Additionally, MaxxSpy provides additional cell phone surveillance tools to track and record all activities on a monitored smartphone device.


Get time and date to know when each chat took place, Get access to Viber call logs with time and date.

All Viber conversations are uploading to your online MaxxSpy control panel that can be access from anywhere with a connection to the Internet.

·         Follow Up Recording Calls

There are many instances where you may suspect harmful or unwanted behavior at home or work.

Track calls History with MaxxSpy.

You will get the necessary evidence to face the situation constructively.

·         Call Monitor Logs

With MaxxSpy is to hack a mobile phone spy software that allows you to monitor your phone monitor in real-time.

The application can be configuring to record calls made or received, allowing you to listen to what is without being detected on the line.

·         SMS Track

With the MaxxSpy application’s help, you can closely monitor incoming and outgoing text and multimedia messages.

Intercepted messages are logged to the secure online dashboard for immediate viewing and can be view even if they are deleting from the device itself.

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