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What is Nanobot? – Definition, Uses, Types, and More



The nanobot are some tiny robots of a nanometric size and varied forms that can act autonomously.

Thanks to their small measures, they can perform different functions and move quickly, from traveling inside our body to fight many diseases to clean the environment or detect pests.

Here is a fantastic example of a nanobot

You should know that nanobots are machines or robots with a nanometric measurement, that is, of a size relatively close to atoms.
These usually measure less than 1 nanometer (1 nanometer = one billionth of a meter).

So, you can imagine it, right? The human eye cannot visualize them.

The science that studies them is called nanotechnology or nanorobotics.

What are the Uses of Nanobots?

What are the Types of Nanobots?

1. Medicine

2. Military

3. Environment

What is the Production of Nanobots?

What are the Essentialities of Nanobot?

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