10 Popular Kinds of Cryptocurrencies Apart from Bitcoin

Whenever we talk about digital coins, Bitcoin tops the list. However, Bitcoin is one of the known digital coins out of more than 10K of different Cryptocurrencies. Hence Bitcoin is not all digital coins but one of the popular ones. It is the first digital coin in the market and thus remains the most talked-about digital currency globally. There are many more coins and types that fall in this category. The fact of the matter is, one can find too many more options to win in this market by trying your luck with other digital coins. Here we will talk about the famous ten digital coins apart from Bitcoin. If you want to check things in detail, you can check how people can change the bitcoin protocol . Now, let us check into the coins in the following paragraphs:

1). Ethereum

It is often called ETH and regarded as the second most popular globally. This coin’s price is 3979 USD with a market cap of around 472 B USD. It is primarily the name of a digital currency platform, and it is regarded as the second most top name in the digital coin space. The system behind this coin helps use the currency to carry out a wide range of functions. However, at the same time, it has a bright contract aspect of the ETH that further helps in making the coin a very much popular coin.

2). Binance Coin

It is often known as BNB, with a market price of around 561 USD. The m cap is around 94 B USD. The coin is often issued with the help of Binance that remains the top digital currency based exchange as found in the world. At the same time, one can find the coin to be created like a token, and it helps in paying for many more discount rates. Also, we see this coin being used to make payments at many places and buy several products and services.

3). Tether

The coin is also known as USDT with the price of 1 USD. The market cap for the same is around 76 B USD. One can find the coin price to be a single per buck, which is the crucial reason it is known as stable-coin. These are linked with the particular value and asset in USD. Tether remains the critical option for playing in big money when we see the traders going up to the next. Instead of returning to the USD, one can even use Tether. But one can see many more coins like Tether that have gained excellent support from USD.

4). Solana

The coin has a price of 172 USD, and the market cap was seen reaching 53 B USD. It was launched way back on March 20 and thus remained the key digital coin allowing the overall strength of the coin that remains on the platform. Once you issue the currency known as SOL, it can be seen coming along with the 480 USD.

5). Cardano

It is often known as ADA, and it has a market price of 1.26 USD having a market price of not less than 42 B USD. The digital currency works on the platform known as Ada. In this way, the coin is now popular with this name. The coin was established by the mystery man who is also behind ETH. One can see the coin is now being used for smart contracts and helping things like identity management.

6). USD Coin

It is also known as USDC that comes up with 1 USD. The coin’s market cap is around 41 B USD in the market. Like the other coins like Tether, we can call USD Coin a stable coin that remains close to the USD, which means that it will not fluctuate. The founder has even said that it has come up with significant assets. However, it remains with a higher value, and the assets are seen under the garb of US regulations.

7). XRP

It has a price of 0.82 USD, and the coin’s market cap is around 39 B USD. Earlier, it was known as Ripple, and it entered the crypto market in 12. It offers a dual option to pay many more currencies in the market. The coin is handy for making cross border things, and it works on the trust-less based system that helps in carrying out the payment option.

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