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What is Tyre Market? – About, Tyre, Brands and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is Tyre Market? – About, Tyre, Brands and More - The Digital Trendz


The search for new Tyre Market.

Many companies are looking for a way out to continue increasing their sales and opening up to other markets.

To try to prevent the sector in which they work from falling.

The company  1001NEUMATICOS, an online store based in Bordeaux, specializes in the sale of cheap Tyres.

And has recently been launched on the Spanish market and already has more than 2,300 collaborating workshops throughout Spain.

It is that the global sales of ETRMA corporate members.

Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear Dunlop, Hankook, or Pirelli, represent 70% of total global sales.

And 7 out of 10 world leaders in the sector are members of ETRMA.

For what the European market can be considering as one of the most important globally.

About Tyre

Tyre wear can affect driving safety.

Wheels are one of the parts of the vehicle that can most affect driving safety.

And the fact is that the Tyres are the element that is in contact with the asphalt.

Which acts as a link between the car and the road.

Asphalt heat can affect the performance of your Tyres

Therefore, it is essential that they are in good condition and do not show damage or malformations.

What are the Best Brands of Tyre?

The five best brands which have obtained an excellent quality label as a global rating.

  1. Dunlop
  2. Continental
  3. Goodyear
  4. Vredestein
  5. Bridgestone
  6. Pirelli
  7. Nokian
  8. Michelin
  9. Barum
  10. Firestone

What is the Price of Tyre?

Regarding the price range of the best Tyres on the market.

The OCU has detected that they are lower in large areas dedicated to mechanics and motor racing.

At the same time, in mechanical workshops and dealerships, the cost of wheels can rise to 32%.

And speaking of second-hand Tyres, this organization claims.

That they tend to cost more in the long run, have a shorter service life, and, most importantly, are not as safe to drive.

And remember, before going on a trip, check the condition of your Tyres.

Check that the drawing’s depth is correct (not less than 1.6 millimeters) and do the same with the pressure.

What is a four × 4-SUV Tyre in Tyre Market?

The four × 4-SUV Tyre segment had been increasing sales for seven consecutive years.

See the evolutionary chart on the next page.

In Spain at the close of 2019 with a record figure close to 1,560,000 units.

And, as we always emphasize, these figures must add sales ‘via imports’ of non-Euro pool brands

In contrast to the ‘puncture’ of 2.6 % in the consumer group (tourism, van, and 4 × 4-SUV)

This change in the trend in the purchase of vehicles is also reflected, a few years later, in the evolution of replacement Tyre sales for them”.

What are the Keys to Tyre Market?

The key to overcoming sales will offer good value for money, accompanied by offers and discounts.

We have not detected a variation in the behavior of this segment for Tourism.

Premium brands have been a bit more penalizing, while Quality and Budget brands have scratched some of the markets.

Despite the fact that this year it is difficult to advance a market evolution.

We see it very difficult to recover after been losing in these months of crisis.

So the end of the year will be very likely to close with a fall of 20 % to 30%”.

Depending on how the recovery occurs, the segments may be the same, with slight changes depending on high-medium-low activity.

Even so, these percentages of fall between March and May are low.

What are the Distributors of the Tyre Market?

1.     NEX

It is a distributor of brands such as Kleber or Maxxis considers that the market drop due to Covid-10

Besides, it is striking that the main drop has been in Budget segment Tyres.

Since the channels that generally sell this product have been closed for longer due to confinements.

The specialists, who have been providing service although with restrictions, have better maintained the weight of the quality and premium brands.

It will be a segment in constant growth until almost recovering at the end of the year the previous forecasts”.

2.     Zafco

It is a distributor of brands such as Zeetex points out that the situation for the four × 4-SUV segments is precisely the same.

We sense an increase in demand in the coming months because Spanish tourism will be more focused on Spain.

Therefore, it will involve more kilometers when traveling in our vehicle.

So there will be a rebound in sales in the next few months”.

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